5 simple rules to know when becoming a supporter of an English Premier League club


Dear Future fans of the English Premier League,

Welcome to the greatest rollercoaster you will ever ride. Being a supporter of a football club is a lot more than simply being a “fan of a team.” Supporters not only get behind the club, they are emotionally attached to the club. The highs are unbelievable whilst the lows can make a slow week a whole lot slower. My goal here is to list out 5 things to help/warn you about in becoming a fan of the Premier League (No I won’t pick your team for you).

Before we begin, let me explain my background as a fan of the English Premier league. I am what you would call a “Gooner” or in common terms a supporter of Arsenal Football Club (AFC for short). I have been supporting Arsenal for a little over 10 years now. I have seen plenty of highs (Invincible season, 2014 FA cup Final). and lows (2006 Champions League final, 10 years of no silverware).

Above, Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey celebrate Ozil’s goal as Arsenal went on to win 3-0 over Manchester United, 10.5.15

First things first, choose your own team, choose the team you believe you would love to support. I personally don’t care how that gets done but don’t let anyone tell you you can’t root for someone, you have a clean slate as a sports fan for the first time (probably) ever! Enjoy that aspect of picking your team.

Now once that’s done lets get down to business. We live in a wonderful world nowadays and football like others is benefiting greatly by this access. No more having to scourer the web for results or searching site to site just for a few highlights, everything football related is now at our fingertips. Cheers, NBC for making this possible.

1.Become involved in your respective clubs community, follow players, supporters, the team, and bloggers that speak about the club on a daily basis. When you do this you will get an understanding of who you are rooting for as well as the clubs ambitions and how other supporters react. premier-league-predictions-16

2.Get ready for early morning wake-ups! Some matches will kickoff at 7:45 EST (Sorry West Coast!!). The beauty of this is you can get on with your day and be done watching matches by noon-ish. Go to a bar if you can, find a local supporters bar and grab a pint with some new friends and enjoy these matches.


3. Enjoy the goals. This one should be obvious, but I mean it. REALLY enjoy those goals. You will never know when the next one will occur. Your team could score early and that may be the match winner. You might be like Aston Villa and have to cancel your goal of the month….because you didn’t score the entire month in October 2014. For myself, when Alexis Sanchez scored against United for the second time last week I ran around my house yelling. Just enjoy these moments.

Daniel Sturridge doing his classic….wavy thing celebration

4. The transfer window is going to be your version of gossip magazines that tweens read. The transfer window occurs over the summer once the season has concluded in May. You will go and google your team and the transfers they are looking to make and will see a lot of outrageous headlines. See rule number one, follow people who support your club as well, they will be your sherpa’s through transfer sagas that occur. There is also a winter transfer window but nothing crazy happens then. Clubs spent 1billion on players this past summer.

David Luiz moved on to PSG, not Barcelona for 50 million pounds (Not 30m).

5. My final bit of advice is to just enjoy the sport. Enjoy waking up early, the goals, the drinks, the highs and the lows. Depending on your team selection you may be challenging for a title. You may also be fighting in the relegation zone or stuck in midtable obscurity and will just be hoping for some competitive matches to watch. Enjoy the stories that are told each week, the premier league is full of drama week in and week out.

Arsene Wenger (Arsenal manager) goes toe to toe with Jose Mourinho (Chelsea manager)

Once again, welcome to the Premier League! I bid you good luck in search of your club to support. All matches can be watched on NBC sport or online at NBC Sports Live Extra or on the app. Remember these five rules and you’ll get to understanding the beauty of the league that is known as the Barclays Premiership.

Let me know in the comments below who you root for or plan on rooting for! If I missed any important rules you would like to see let me know on twitter

I will leave you with this: The Top 10 Premier League goals of the season 2014/2015



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