Destiny and the art of Microtransactions


Now lets all calm down one second and breathe. Yes, microtransactions have hit Destiny (October 13, 2015). This shouldn’t come as a total surprise to fans of the game, microtransactions have been a hit in gaming for the past few years. Microtransactions for those unfamiliar, are mini paid transactions in which you’ll pay a couple of dollars to get something for a character ect. Microtransactions scare people, with Destiny, it shouldn’t (I hope).

In Bungie’s statement they stated that microtransactions will allow players to buy new “dance emotes” (seen above is the new Hunter emote-Sprinkler). These emotes have NO effect on the game aside from allowing players to have a fun time dancing with one another. Bungie plans to keep them as that and will not add microtransactions in a way to effect the game. This is a good thing folks! As written in a piece by Kotaku, Bungie plans on making the rest of The Taken King’s DLC FREE till the release of the next game.

I think the real fear from players and microtransactions comes from mobile F2P (Free to play) games, which essentially all are pay to win where content is locked behind a pay wall. In Destiny, that would mean microtransaction missions, or guns that will benefit you more in a raid like situation, LUCKILY this is not happening.

As a massive Destiny fan I do plan on spending a couple dollars and dancing the night away after slaying Oryx for the third time.

Feel free to let me know in the comments or on twitter @RealMattMills  what Dance Emote you would like to see added! Personally, I’m looking forward to doing a golf swing.

For more on Destiny, stay tuned to the blog as I plan on covering Raid thoughts, and any new content drops in the months to come!

Eyes up Guardians.


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