Timing is everything.

I‘ve been prepping for this moment for a while now and felt that the timing is perfect to dive in. As some of you may or may not know, YouTube, twitch and really social media in general is a real passion of mine. I mean after all it is my career.

YouTube is something I have been dabbling with on different channels for a few years but never really became dedicated to the cause like I would have enjoyed. Starting today, I plan on uploading every other day (hopefully) either new game play footage or a day in the life style video from footage I’ve recorded over the past few weeks and months. Before you get ahead of yourself….by no means am I looking to make a career out of this. As nice as that would be I am realistic. This has just always been something I’m passionate about and would like to actually pursue the challenges that come with starting a YouTube channel and building a family of subscribers as well as creating content that is fun, funny and enjoyable to watch.

Twitch is another site that I have been on for a few years now but just never really had the means to create a productive live-stream. Now I do and with that I plan on doing weekend streams (to start). I will mainly stream Destiny but will also include some popular games such as Rocket League, Minecraft, CS:Go, FIFA, and any new releases. I want it to be an active stream so anyone is welcome to join and play at any time!

Streaming and making YouTube videos is something I plan on having fun with. I don’t have any plan to really post super competitive footage just mainly videos of myself and friends having fun. I really got tired of always saying I create a ton of content when actually it was more of creating the content but then holding onto it until I felt the time was right.

Patiently waiting.

The waiting part is over now it’s time to create. If you enjoy playing games or content creation in general feel free to pass along some tips or just enjoy the content.



P.S Any thoughts or comments about the new logo design?



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