Minecraft Story Mode: First Impressions

Wow. For this being my first time in a Telltale game I must say, WOW. This is one for the ages! Any fan of the Minecraft series will adore this new entry into the universe. In this game you follow along with a new character instead of the usual Steve which is interesting.

Even though the basic joys of minecraft are taken out (building, exploring, creation) the story feels refreshing and familiar at the same time. You still craft tools, build, and adventure. The story telling is Telltales bread and butter and the minecraft story is no different, it’s unique yet for anyone who is a fan of minecraft you will feel write at home as the story goes to familiar places like the nether and sand temple.

I’m not going to go in depth on the story, but for anyone who is a fan of minecraft or telltale this is definitely a game you will want to pick up.

Sound off in the comments below on how your Minecraft Story is shaping up!

Minecraft Chapter 1

***My plan is to write a chapter 1 review right before chapter 2 hits.



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