Star Wars Battlefront: First Impressions

Star Wars Battlefront Beta: First Impressions!

Here we go!!! I must admit, when I realized that this beta was occurring I couldn’t contain my excitement. In the months leading up to Battlefront’s release as well as Episode 7 the following month it seems that many people in the games industry has been struck with “Star Wars fever” and this beta came at a perfect time. With a jam packed November coming up and Star Wars squeezed in right after Halo 5, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, and Fallout 4, will this game be on top of your list of fall game purchases?

Star Wars Main
One of the joys of this game is taking down one of these bad boys

The BAD: Beta’s are typically a good thing for a game, let it get some pre release exposure and some hype. However for Star Wars I unfortunately saw this as it’s problem. Don’t get me wrong, the game is aesthetically pleasing, technically sound, and the sound design (can’t be stated enough) is fantastic. You really feel like you are battling on Hoth in the new 20v20 attack and defend mode. My major gripe with the game is it really does feel like a reskinned version of Battlefield. Now I know battlefield fans may look at this as a positive (as it should), but for the rest of us this can be seen as a concern. The controls feel a bit dated (where’s my slide move!) and controlling the A-wings, Tie fighters and ATAT feels very clunky. At one point I became giddy like a school girl because I was going to get to control an ATAT and cause some serious damage and I ended up sitting in this thing moving at a snails pace just hoping someone would cross my path (spoiler alert: No one did). I found myself avoiding some of the power ups and just trying to run around and kill rebels or imperials. I would get lost in a few of the games where I felt the combat was sort of dying down around the 8 minute mark in 20v20 whilst other times the games were non stop action so I saw pacing as a small issue as well. Before the release of the beta I was 30 seconds away from preordering the collectors edition, now…..we’ll see.

starwar imp
These on the other hand can be a real pain to navigate (I can’t fly)

The GOOD: As in Battlefield games the FPS controls well from a pure shooting perspective, this doesn’t change in Battlefront. The weapon sounds as well as background music is tier 1 for a game of this magnitude. The feeling of being engrossed in the Star Wars universe is ever-present, you hear laser guns zooming past your head as X-wings and Tie fighters fight over head. Being back in the Star Wars universe is a breath of fresh air. The FPS genre is filled with so many military or future military games that just hearing a laser gun has me relieved and happy for a new experience. The game really isn’t all bad, and it being a beta knowing that other game modes and features will be coming is definitely promising.


Verdict: Star Wars battlefront is a fun game albeit nothing new or crazy added to the game.

Will I buy it? Probably down the line.

Would I have bought it if there was no beta? 1000%.

However, this shouldn’t prevent someone from making the purchase of this game. If Star Wars is something you are uber passionate about I’d say go for it, if you love the Battlefield franchises this game will be right up your ally. This game will have it’s audience and will do well. Will it surpass expectations? Probably not. Only time will tell.

Thanks star wars

Watch some play footage!


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