Destiny: The QUEST for Exotics

If you were to list some of the things that Destiny the game is built off of and why players keep coming back the most common answer you would hear is, tight game mechanics, gorgeous sandboxes and lastly, the loot. Loot is a drug in destiny, namely, exotic loot. It’s something that you as a player are always chasing. The problem from Vanilla Destiny is that all loot was RNG driven. Players would just grind and grind and grind out content over, and over, and over till they got an elusive armor piece or weapon that they desired. This was good from the sense that it kept players playing the game, albeit it for longer then they probably intended. With the release of the Taken King that has changed. Loot, specifically exotic weapons (for the most part) can be earned through quests.

Weapon Quests: Some of the new weapon quests for classic specific guns (Ace of Spades, Fabian Strategy, Talolc) require players to reach rank 3 with the gun smith in order to take part in this quest. Some people may look at this as a grind, which it most certainly is, but this is a grind that allows you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You always knew what was on the other side, this is much much more motivating then grinding a nightfall out 3 times a week only to be rewards with 3 legendary weapons (I cri ery teim). 

[Not shown are is the Fabian Strategy and Tlaolc]

Destiny-Exotics  Screenshot 2015-10-18 15-46-22
Ace of Spades, the exotic Hunter exclusive Hand Cannon. Completed by reaching Rank 3 with the Gunsmith.

Boolean Gemini: This weapon was found through a quest line given from Petra at the Reef. I rather enjoyed this quest line as it brought you back to the familiar reef (where you spent your time in House of Wolves DLC). Variks and Petra reprieve their roles and it adds a bit of the “Hey, remember us? We’re still around.” Plus the Boolean Gemini, formerly known as “347 Vesta Dynasty” was supposedly going to get released during House of Wolves but never appeared. People suspected it was going to be on Mercury from going 9-0 in Trials of Osiris, since it never showed up there this was fantastic to see in the Taken King.

Destiny Gun Screenshot 2015-10-18 15-54-10
Boolean Gemini, exotic scout rifle.

Swords!!– Another weapon quest through Lord Shaxx (Crucible handler) will grant you an exotic sword. This quest has you fight a level 300 boss towards the end and grants you the task to have to kill an Ultra and a named champion within 30 seconds of one another (soloing this will be difficult fyi). Finally, you feel a sense of reward when obtaining this exotic sword, you really feel like you earned it.

[Not shown Raze Lighter (Solar) and Bolt Caster (Arc).]

Destiny-EMOTES Screenshot 2015-10-18 16-15-31
Dark-Drinker, exotic void sword.

Chaperone– I must admit, this quest made me cringe a little at first. If you are familiar with the Thorn bounty from Year 1 and it gives you the shivers this one will do the same. This is a bit of a grind as well but once again, that light at the end of the tunnel is a reward in itself.

Destiny Gun Screenshot 2015-10-18 15-56-39
Chaperone, exotic shotgun.

Black Spindle– The mother of all “quest driven exotics.” The Spindle wasn’t even known to players, a total mystery that Bungie even his from it’s own database. Upon discovery of this weapon it took the companion app and’s armory a day or 2 to update with. This is the gun that sums of the elation of the Taken King, this weapon was found hidden in a daily story mission and now has the Destiny community losing it’s mind on a daily basis hunting out the next black spindle.

Destiny-EMOTES Screenshot 2015-10-18 16-15-05
Black Spindle, exotic sniper. The big brother of the Black Hammer.

Raid Weapon– Like the Vex Mythoclast and the Necrocasm before it, The Touch of Malice is this raids exotic exclusive weapon. Unlike the other 2 which required you to specifically beat the hard mode of the raid and pray to RNGesus simultaneously. The Touch of Malice is earned through completing specific quest lines and for farming for calcified fragments throughout the new patrol space, the Dreadnaught. This quest felt mega rewarding and also gave me a reason to patrol the Dreadnaught searching through every nook and cranny for these elusive calcified fragments. Once I received the weapon you feel this over arching sense of accomplishment.

Destiny-EMOTES Screenshot 2015-10-18 16-14-37
Touch of Malice, exotic scout rifle. So. So. So. SO much fun.

For the first time in Destiny’s life cycle you are rewarded from doing quests. I played Destiny non stop for 3 weeks since it’s launch before I said to myself “You know what Matt, you deserve a bit of a break from the game” I get sucked back in by the elusive “Sleeper Simulant” an exotic fusion rifle that sits right in your heavy weapon slot. Rumor was spreading “could this be the year 2 version of the Gjallerhorn??” No one was certain because no one could find it. Was it hidden? Was it a quest we’d receive later on? No one knew and the Destiny subreddit was going mad trying to figure out where this gun was hiding.

The Sleeper has risen: I go on Twitter this Wednesday and see that a new mission has opened up and what do you know, it’s based around the Sleeper simulate. Panic ensues as I race to get on and find this gun (check out my YouTube review of how to find this gun!). The quest became an epic 2 day race on how to get a hold of this hidden marvel.

Destiny Gun Screenshot 2015-10-18 15-58-54
Sleeper Simulant, exotic scout rifle.

This, this my friends is what the beautiful of Destiny Year 2 is bestowing on us. The community is up in arms trying to find new secrets, uncover new missions and poke and prod at the game till something new occurs. No longer are Destiny’s most elusive weapons bound by RNGesus. Quests will keep you coming back for a while to uncover what lies ahead in Destiny. Bravo Bungie, and bravo the Destiny community for never giving up on these secrets. Cheers to the next one.


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