End of a wild year. Goodbye Advanced Warfare.


So that’s it, yesterday OpTic Gaming was crowned MLG Worlds Champions and for the 9th time this season the Green Wall has taken home a championship. Advanced Warfare, which was easily the most “advanced” Call of Duty title to date in terms of gameplay mechanics that emphasized on twitch movement is now over competitively.

Now before we go and turn over to a new season of COD (Call of Duty) I wanted to take a look back on Advanced Warfare as a competitive title.

Advanced warfare was flukey at the start, especially when it introduced a now fan favorite game type in Uplink. Uplink ended up being a game that competitively had fans and players alike on the edge of their seats. Of course, sometimes they were prone to blowouts and weird throws with the ball but in the end it produced some of the best memories in this past years game.

If Advanced Warfare is to be remembered for anything it’s definitely going to be the movement. Personally, I have sent back two scuf controllers from ripping through joysticks from this game alone. The movement is as intense as anything, no more were you able to just sit in the same spot and “L trigger” (Aim down sites) and just pick players off. In this game you had to constantly be on the move. Gone were the days of only worrying if a player could sneak up from behind, now you had to worry if they were going to jump over your head, slide under, dash right, juke left, it became a human highlight real of And 1’s mixtape tour. The movement is what made AW so great for some, and what turned so many others away from the franchise right around the Call of Duty Championship at the end of March.

One bit of trouble that the game ran in from a competitive standpoint was it’s two gun system. Occasionally we would see other guns randomly be used once or twice but primarily from the start it was the BAL (Assault Rifle) and the ASM1 (sub machine gun). This never changed from the first tournament to the last. Usually in games the meta will change across the year, this one was no different but what was weird was the guns never changed.

This was the first Call of Duty title in years that I didn’t continually play till the wee days of the summer. Ever since Black Ops 2 I use Call of Duty Championships as a gauage for how good the title is. During Black Ops 2 after COD Champs I continued playing the game well into the release of Call of Duty Ghost. Speaking of Ghost, that game really slowed down for myself after COD Champs, I stopped playing around May/June. Advanced Warfare was an interesting one to say the least, AW is a game I stopped playing right around COD Champs, even deleting the game this summer (Damn 500 GB HD!!) but continually watched all the tournaments. This was a game (sorry pros) that was definitely way more fun to watch this hectic gameplay then it was to play. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the game but when you have player movement in a game going 110mph and have to deal with people with poor internet connections this game can grow increasingly frustrating on a player.

In all, this year we saw Denial shock the world and take home Call of Duty Championships. FaZe put together a nearly unbeatable squad for a few major tournaments. OpTic winning 9 of the championships including 3 in 3 weeks. We saw FaZe beat OpTic in a Bo7 back to back for the first time ever. We saw Crimsix surpass Aches as the most winningest console FPS player. We saw Enable join Formal as the only multi-FPS champions.

All in all for all the crap Advanced Warfare had to take it was a hell of a run. Console FPS’ are alive and well. Cheers, Sledgehammer games for being daring and sticking it out with the competitive community (I know it gets crazy sometimes but we’re passionate because we love it).

I will see you all in Black Ops 3.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of Advanced Warfare and what some of your favorite COD E-Sports memories were from AW!

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