Iron Bananza and Emotes for all!

Destiny’s fabled Iron Banner has made its comeback last week for the first time since the launch of the Taken King and brought with it patch 2.0.1. From a PVP standpoint the patch mainly is about rangefinder on shotguns getting taken away (finally). Otherwise we are free to roam in the Iron banner free of the THORN  for the first time in forever. My god, this felt GREAT. Finally, the Iron banner felt like it did back when it first came around in Vanilla, competitive. I will say, that new Conspiracy-D is veryyyyy Felwinters like which is a bit unfortunate but hey, I’ll take getting killed by Hawkmoon, Red death and Hawksaw’s any day over the Thorn.

Bounties: The new way the bounties are set up in Iron Banner year 2 is perfect. 3 weekly bounties, 3 daily bounties and the bounties are now primarily based off of…if you play, you will get rewarded which is fantastic to see. Even a few of the weekly’s are possible to crank out in a day, it’ll be interesting to see how quickly you can hit rank 5 this time around.

Overall: It really does feel good to be back with Iron Banner and with Trials of Osiris slated for this weekend we’re sure going to be having our fair share of PVP glory this week in Destiny. Hardmode raid next week? We’ll see.

Emotes: THE NEW EMOTES ARE SO AWESOME (See video below). I wouldn’t recommend buying all of them but Bungie is nice enough to reward players with 400 silver (enough for 2 emotes) to get you started on your new dances. Tower and Raid dance offs will never be the same!

What were some of your favorite guns to use within the Iron Banner this week? What Emotes would you like to see in the game?


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