Journey of a Content Creator Part One


I full on took the leap into creating my own person content on October 7th 2015, exactly 2 weeks ago from the day my first blog post and YouTube video went up. I have done content creation both professionally as well as personally and I must say, this has been the most fun and enlightening experience I’ve gone through.

As a perfectionist creating content is stressful, you never want to release something unpolished or with a flaw yet timing is almost more important in terms of how quickly you can get great content out to the masses. On top of that you need to be active….very active. When I created @Knickstape 3-4 years ago I was in college and had all the time in the world to get it out to the masses, I also had the benefit of creating content around a global franchise. This time around I’m doing it for myself. People do not know who “Matt” or “Lord Mamba” is, nor should they. In the end it is up to myself to produce this thought provoking, entertaining and top quality content for people to view. I am confident that once you read, listen, or view you will want to stick around.

My aim with this content as stated earlier is simple, I want to have fun doing what I love doing the most. I want to be able to unite communities and socialize with all my pals who adore not only gaming and E-sports but sports and life in general. I want to be apart of communities who share the same drive and ambitions as myself. I want to grow.

The point of this post and the whole series of “Journey of a Content Creator” is for you all to follow and join along with me on this journey. As part of this series I plan on describing the growing pains and ideas that I have to grow out an audience and what my short term goals are for my sites. My first two weeks have been hectic, on top of this content I’m producing I also work a full time job and am trying to find the right fit on how to get everything I want out to the masses. At this point I’m looking at 6-7 blog entries a week, some of these will be part of weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly series. From a YouTube perspective I plan on making 1-3 YouTube videos a week. I will write blog posts to go along with each video as I slowly learn the trade of speaking to a computer and editing your own audio for hours (I’m familiar with editing video but personal audio is weird at first). Streaming wise, which I can see being a strong focus of mine will take the most time to get into a real groove but look for 1-2 streams a week either Friday AND Saturday or just one of those days.

Make sure you follow these channels to stay tuned for more 🙂

Update: I received my first dislike on a YouTube video. That was a humbling feeling for 2 reasons. 1. It shows I should never release a video less than perfect. 2. You feel helpless cause it’s just a thumbs down you have to clue why they didn’t like it.






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