Splatoon: The best game you probably never played


If I told you that as of October 20 2015 NINTENDO has released the best shooter of 2015, would you believe me? Probably not, unless you have actually played Splatoon.

Splatoon is an online centric game that pits you and 3 other inklings against one another in a variety of game modes. The matches are quick lasting 5 minutes at the most, unlike traditional shooters which has matches that go anywhere from 10-20 minutes.

The real beauty of splatoon comes when you form a team with friends and play online ranked matches. Climbing the splatoon latter is a real thing of beauty and the non stop communication between yourself and teammates leads to some of the most exhilarating matches I’ve had in competitive shooters this year. The one downside to late is the lack of voice chat so the only real way to experience the communication is through voice chat on another console or utilizing apps like discord and skype.

Splatoon offers a variety of maps that are rotated out daily along with the different type of game types you play. This is truly a gift and a curse, you’ll enjoy the fresh feeling of never having to play the same 3 maps day in and day out, however if it’s a game type you are not fond of you may just skip that day entirely. Luckily, you would only be skipping out for a small amount of time.

The mechanics of Splatoon are very fluid as you duck in and out of the ink you are shooting to move throughout the map. This game really shines because it is a shooter that anyone is capable of playing. You decide your play style, do you want to be a slayer and go after the enemy? Do you want to strictly ink down areas to help your team advance? Do you want to be a pain in the enemy team and spray over their ink with your own? It’s entirely up to you. These multiple ways to play allow you to be the best player on your team without recording a single kill, which is really encouraging if you are new to the shooter genre.

Destiny-EMOTES Screenshot 2015-10-19 22-24-45
Help your team advance by Inking any surface

All in all Splatoon is a fast paced, thrilling yet uniquely satisfying game to play. It shocked me as a game I really didn’t have any expectations for prior to its release. Splatoon has quickly become the one game that I make sure to tell any potential Wii U owners about (Those people exist, right?). Obviously if you own or are looking to own a Wii U you will get the classics, Smash Bros, Mario, Mario Kart but Splatoon is for sure added to that category as a most play Nintendo franchise.

I cannot recommend this game enough, if you have any questions about Splatoon feel free to ask! Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel as I start a series of playing ranked Splatoon matches.

Please leave a comment below showcasing your favorite weapon in Splatoon!


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