The beauty of Destiny

Ahhhhh Destiny. Originally this post was going to go up prior to PSX as a prediction piece….Spoiler Alert: All my predictions were wrong. Let’s talk sparrow racing: SRL HYPE!!

Sparrow Racing League  beings December 8th and will pit players against 5 other guardians into a race for the win. These races will take place on Venus (Hardmode) and Mars (Normal) and will allow players to win cool shaders, sparrows and even gear–Rumor has it at 320!

I think SRL is exactly what Destiny needs right now. Destiny players are starving for new content since the release of raid challenges everyone is looking at what’s next. For Bungie to release a sparrow type racing simulator into the game for the next 3 weeks it will really help players to play the game and maybe wait a few more weeks before the complaining comes back.

After seeing footage of SRL I’m excited at the future it could have in the game. The more I play Destiny the more I am in awe with it’s world and the fun of coming on and not knowing if I’m going to run strikes or hop in some crucible. Now you can add in a few races here and there as well and you have me sold!

Bravo Bungie, can’t wait to play! December 8th till the end of December.

See you out there guardians!


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