Challenge Mode(s) in Destiny!

So the first week of challenge modes have concluded in Destiny, today brings across the next set of challenges for our guardians in the kings fall raid.

BUT FIRST: Let’s take a quick look back at week one and the rewards.

War Priest

Rewards: 320 (310 on normal mode) Artifact, Calcified Fragment, 320  (310 on normal mode) Heavy Weapon, Chance of an Exotic.

Challenge: The same person could not carry “the aura” more than once, more enemies, War Priest shot blights at you, Timer for aura was shorter.

Was it worth it: For the artifact alone how could it not be, the 320 artifact was all that was missing for a player to reach 320 max light. For people who NEED everything in Destiny (You know who you are) this was definitely worth it for the artifact and calcified fragment.

Overall: Having attempted the challenge myself (unsuccessfully :/) I would say that it is definitely worth it. It wasn’t exactly challenging (My team was all around 305 light trying HM) and to be honest the strat of multiple aura holders is a strat my raid team implements every time. It’s definitely a fun little thing to be implemented and I expect challenges to scale as we get to Golgoroth.

I believe this challenge was the perfect set up to help players either approach max level or significantly boost up towards a 310+ light, thus making normal and hard mode easier for teams to complete and get more people involved in raids.

On twitter I kept seeing a lot of complaints and almost a brief rift between streamers (the 1%) and the rest of players because you had casuals saying it was difficult and you had streams saying “really bungie? this is challenge “mode” and that’s EXACTLY where I found an issue in this.

Calling it Raid “challenges” is one thing but naming it a “Challenge mode” immediately sets expectations with players that there will be multiple challenges or maybe an additional puzzle to solve in the raid. Was it a good challenge? For most. Was it a good challenge mode? Not likely.

Starting today we will see what “challenges” Golgoroth presents. In my opinion I would expect this one to scale mightily and for it to bring some decent rewards.

Final Thoughts: I’m praying that the only change will not be that you can’t run single pool strats. ALSO, who else thinks Oryx’s challenge will drop a brand new never before seen exotic? 🙂 🙂 🙂

Happy Hunting, Guardians!



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