Sparrow Racing League: Destiny Update!

VROOM VROOM. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Welcome to the SRL (Sparrow Racing League).

SRL has been released today as part of the December update and will be here for the next 3 weeks. If you couldn’t tell by my opening, I’M EXCITED. Sparrow racing is something Destiny users have been looking for since vanilla and it’s finally here and better than expected.

Each race consists of 6 guardians racing on either Mars or Venus. There are bounties and quests to complete to unlock new armor and ships. At the end of each race you have a chance of winning a legendary armor piece, sparrow, or shader.

Ricky Bobby

Thanks to the December update if you use a 3oC (Three of Coins) you have a chance of dropping an exotic, just like against strike bosses at the end of each crucible match (SRL counts as crucible) you have a chance of getting an exotic engram.

The races overall are intense and definitely most fun when racing against friends. My friends and I had some real close races, sometimes one of us would even win by the nose of a sparrow. As an add on mid year content this is definitely welcomed and honestly a breathe of fresh air over running raids, trials and strikes week in and week out.

Rumor has it 320 gear can drop from races. Look out for a review of the patch update on Friday and till then, I’ll see you all on the race track!

Sound off in the comments below your thoughts on the SRL!


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