Journey through the eyes of an Arsenal Supporter: Knockout Stages!

What a match, what. A. Match.

Let me take you through the mind of an Arsenal supporter stuck in the office and to top it off in a meeting from 4-5 while this match is going on.

1′ Match starts….I’m excited, I firmly believe we can win. Only thing I’m nervous about is allowing an early goal.

20′ Olympiakos has the first attempt. A weak one and we make it out still at 0-0. I’m content so far but I’d love a goal before the half. My meeting is in 55 minutes and would love a lead before I have to turn off the stream.

22′ 2 minutes later and Flamini hit’s the bar. I held back a screen and instead spent the next 5 minutes collecting my thoughts and trying to remain composed.

29′ Mesut Ozil plays a delicious ball out wide to Ramsey who crosses in for Giroud and we’re up 1-nil !! Pure joy, since I’m at my desk I went with a mini Tiger Woods fist pump as I tried to hold down my excitement.

HALFTIME: I’m mentally in a good position. Can’t see this match ending one nil but still weary as they are home

49′ BOOM. What a cheeky ball by Ozil (who else) to my main man Joel Campbell who chops up the defense and threads it over to Giroud for the brace. 2-nil to the good! #FreeJoelCampbell

56′ Theo Walcott takes a shot and just barely misses. At this point I am on Cloud 9. I know we still have 30 minutes left but we’re in pole position and I can go to my meeting on a high knowing we have a lead.

Olivier Giroud celebrates his first goal away at Olympiakos

Onto the Meeting:

1′ Still buzzing from the 2nd goal and assist by #FreeJoelCampbell. I decided against bringing my phone or anything into the meeting so I’d see the result at my desk afterwards.

20′ Around the 20 minute mark of the meeting I look at my watch and realize we’re only 10 minutes away from the result…..this is when the darkness starts setting in. All bad thoughts, I’m sitting in the meeting thinking it’s 2-2 right now, maybe 2-1 with Olympiakos pushing late. I’m a mess.

40′ The match is now over and has been. I have no clue what to think, I can’t concentrate. The thing is I’m either going back to my desk and I’m going to be elated or depressed. This is do or die.

60′ The meeting is coming to a close….pretty sure I blacked out around the 40 minute mark till now.

Result: I get back to my desk….10 text messages…6 game updates. I can’t check this. This is make or break for my entire night. One wrong text and it’s sad nap city.

30 minutes later I’m at the gym and I check my phone. Arsenal won 3-nil over Olympiakos and we’re now through to the knockout stages.

This is what happiness feels like.

Bravo Giroud. Bravo Gunners. Let’s keep things going!


Edit: This blog will mainly be about Content Creation, Video Games, E-Sports and Destiny. I will occasionally post about Arsenal FC, New York Redbulls, MLS, EPL or soccer in general.

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to talk football (soccer) follow me on twitter! @RealMattMills


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