Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Multiplayer Impressions!

Another holiday season has cometh, which means another Call of Duty is upon us! This time in the form of BLACK. OPS. 3.

Black ops 3 takes us back (slightly) to a more stable Call of Duty with less using the jetpack as a weapon and more using it to move around the map at a faster pace.

The jetpack boost is the newest feature being brought to the Black Ops franchise and honestly it may be the best form of this new “free form” movement system that is becoming a stable in FPS on next gen consoles (Titan Fall, AW, Destiny).

In terms of gameplay it’s fast paced, exciting to watch and play as well as fun (KEY). The guns feel right and it feels like the true successor to Black Ops 2.

The Good: Weapon variety is a plus, in past CoDs we were so reliant on 1 or 2 guns (Asm1, Mtar) but with Black Ops we are getting back to variety, plenty of Subs and ARs can be used in this one. Arena mode is back and welcomed if your into a bit of ranked play. The maps are perfectly set up for the moment in this game and fit the game types as well. Bad maps are few and far between this time around. The paintshop allows customization to be taken further then it ever has been in a CoD game and it’s amazing seeing a gun camo come to life for your favorite weapon created by yourself.

**TL;DR– The ban and protect system in ranked play is what will have you coming back to this game months down the line.

The Bad: Not much to say in terms of multiplayer. Lobbies open quick, gameplay is fast and fun, most maps are enjoyable, gun selection is varied, and ranked play is a joy. Only negative could be for sniping, way more skill based with the Aim Assist virtually gone out of the game. Some may look at it as a negative whilst others will look at it as the next evolution for sniping to really become a high risk high reward weapon.

Overall: Fun, Fast, Extensive, Rewarding, Engrossing. Those are all keys you look for in a competitive FPS and Black Ops 3 hits on them perfectly.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops III_20151213203412
Gunsmith & Printshop are 2 welcome additions to the franchise

Should you buy it? If you are in need for a FPS this holiday look no further then Black Ops 3.

*Hope you enjoyed this short review! My plan is to make these types of reviews for most games then expand further into the game structure a month or 2 down the line. With this new Call of Duty there’s a lot I didn’t touch (specialist) while writing this post that could be explained further. Either way, hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment below if you’d like more in-depth reviews or if this short style works.




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  1. Anidaan says:

    Thoughts on the specialist classes? I thought they added a nice touch to the game. Adds a lot of combinations for playstyles

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Matt Mills says:

      LOVED the specialist classes. Do you play competitive (Arena)? That’s where they really show their true worth. Especially in game modes like HP and S&D picking the right class becomes vital. I plan on going more in depth with them once the pro league starts and I cover that side of things more


      1. Anidaan says:

        I have not yet but I need to. Been focused on grinding the prestiges and unlocking camos from the Black Market. Excited to hear more about it!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Matt Mills says:

        Definitely. Are you going for the Dark Matter camo? If not look for a piece on that tomorrow at some point!


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