New Year, New Me (Gym Addition)

That’s the saying right? New Year, new me.

To be honest that doesn’t bother me, at the end if that’s what motivates you then so be it. My issue with the New Year is the gym.

As someone who goes to the gym 6-7 days a week the turn of the new year is my enemy. Why this is I will never truly understand, but every January through mid February the gym is beyond packed. Look, before I continue I am all for people joining a gym and going….just not all at once.

I’m in the gym Saturday January 2nd and there is actually a line out the door to just sign up for the gym, it looked like holiday shoppers waiting in a return line. Then once I’m in the gym there it is packed, Saturday’s used to be heaven at the gym, completely empty. Now they will be packed to the brim for the next month or so. My only thing that I will never understand is why wait till January 1st to decide on this…..every year.

New year, same results. If you want to change and go to the gym do it the moment that thought crosses your head. Stop waiting till 1/1/? to make this change.

Live Images from my gym

I get that this is coming off as a rant but it’s more a lesson to learn. Also, everybody knows….beach bodies are built in the fall. Get started sooner if that’s your goal.

Happy New Year and enjoy the gym! Hope to see you in March 🙂



2 Comments Add yours

  1. L says:

    Also, it seems like so many people are rude! Don’t stand around. Don’t cut in front of me. Put your shit away.


    1. lordmambav7 says:

      Couldn’t agree more! It’s terrible. The gym is my peace of mind and every new year people come in and take over for a few months and then don’t come back till the following new year

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