Thinking out loud Part 1: Relationships 

It’s not that I fear them. In fact, I embrace them. I love the idea of being in a relationship as long as it’s something like can make both parties better.
I would never want to enter a relationship that makes me lazy and not want to go on adventures or even something as small as going to the gym. Relationships should be something that you build off of and becomes bigger than just two people together.
I think the key to a relationship is finding someone who is entirely different yet eerily similar to yourself. You need the counter balance. Counter balance is something that will always keep you on your toes yet make you feel at home all at the same time. When you enter a complacent state that’s when boredom comes around. You should be with someone that wants to drag you to things you normally wouldn’t go to and vice versa. Doing things you don’t know or haven’t done are some of the great joys in life.
My fear of a relationships has to do with the fact that I never want to stand in the way of someone’s goals. Sort of the same logic behind me straying away from relationships myself is it alters my own goals.
I’m slowly realizing as I mature that even though the above statement is correct that you should motivate each other, I shouldn’t let my fear of getting in the way of others dreams as an issue but more as a motivation.
Goals should be something you look to achieve but altering goals is never a bad thing. Life moves at you fast. Embrace the chaos.


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