Journey of a Content Creator Part 2: Where to begin

Creating content has never and will never be a job or something that you just “do” creating content, especially for yourself comes from passion and the need to stretch your creativity.

For myself, the biggest issue I have is consistency (evident as the last entry for this journey was October). I constantly create ideas and titles but never follow through with the meaty portion. I always had “things come up.” Or “my job gets in the way.” Which are both horrible excuses.

Something should never get in the way of another thing you are passionate about and want to accomplish. You should create the content because you have a story to tell and ideas to share.

At first this started out as a somewhat gaming centric blog, that was my first issue. Yes, I am a gamer, I’m passionate about the industry, but that shouldn’t limit my creativity to gameplay footage and reviews of games.

Creativity is something without limits. This is what I’m changing, I’m focusing more on people, places and things I do regularly rather than being hyper focused on one things.

My new rule is to create content that I enjoy because there’s something there for everything. No one is supposed to like everything you do. But let them figure that out, don’t let that prevent you from creating things.

You can only find your niche by creating new and different things, whether it’s a blog, YouTube video, tweet or post anywhere.

I feel like if you stick yourself in a set category then that’s what your stuck in. I’ve made that mistake in the past on social media.

In the irony of all this I will leave you with a quote from my favorite game. “A slave obeys, a man chooses”

Content creation is hard, don’t let it become on par with regular work. Enjoy the challenge.

What struggles do you have with creating content? Comment below!


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