The Hunt for Dark Matter

Weapon skins have become something of a phenomon now, after being put completely on the CoD scene during Black Ops 2. The introduction in Black Ops 2 was that through the infamous “diamond” skin.

If you hit 100 headshots with a weapon then several other tasks you would receive a gold weapon skin. Do this with all weapons in the select class (AR, Sub, Sniper, Shotgun, Rockets) and you’ll receive a diamond skin.

Black Ops 3 introduced a new skin….DARK MATTER…..and it looks BADASS AS A MF. To unlock Dark Matter you have to get Diamond skins in every weapon. Complete this and you will have not only the rarest skin but one of the coolest looking ones.

Pro Tip: The best way to get headshots is by playing any Hardcore game mode.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Leave a comment below if you plan on going after Dark Matter.


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  1. Anidaan says:

    Definitely working up to this point. My strategy is (as I work through prestige levels) is to switch to the next available gun as I level up. I try to have a set gun class I use for each map so that I make steady progress across the board instead of burning myself out on a gun class or a single gun.

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    1. Matt Mills says:

      Yeah that’s definitely a way better idea than what I’ve been doing. I’m doing the gun class at a time so I’ve been killing myself using subs only then ARs, then snipers


      1. Anidaan says:

        Granted you will be really good at that gun class by the end of each one so that is a plus!


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