What Motivates you?

What motivates you?

This is a question I ask myself nearly everyday. Motivation is a funny thing, you may be motivated by money, people, places or things.

For myself, motivation is something that can come and go. Sometimes you’ll be highly motivated, others not so much.

The gym is a place I am highly motivated by. Not so much to improve myself but the people that go to the gym. It’s motivating to see others pursuing something, at the gym this comes pretty standard. Everyone that steps foot in a gym is motivated, whether it’s by a significant other, a need to improve, or a general care for their well being. The gym is a place that can motivate many.

Other motivations like money are something that is driven by goals. People can be motivated by others with money, the prospect of making more or the desire to gain things. Money is a tricky source of motivation for myself, I’m a firm believer in being happy and not making money the number 1 motivation. This can prove difficult as you do need money to find certain happiness. That’s why as good as money is as a motivation it shouldn’t be the only one.

Motivation comes from your desire. If you desire to improve something you may be motivated by a move or a vacation.

Motivation isn’t something that comes easy and is something that takes patience. Even if you don’t feel motivated right away, you will at some point. Personally, I’m motivated by people in general. Friends, family, mentors ect. It’s motivating for me to see others doing well and try and join in the success, not directly, but finding my own success.

At one point in my life motivation was a struggle, everything just seemed to de-motivate me and move me in all sorts of directions…That’s why it’s always good to stay grounded in what motivates you. If a person motivates you just make sure they aren’t the only reason you are motivated for something because then things can get tricky. You want to make sure that whatever motivates you is something that can impact your own life in the best way possible.

So what motivates you?


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