Thinking out Loud Par 2: Off the Beaten Path

I tend to think a lot.

I plan on using this blog as a good place to share my thoughts on things. It’s almost therapeutic when you have things on your mind just to jot them down, in this post I want to cover the thought of dropping everything and leaving what I know.

I plan on being on the west coast by the end of 2016.

That’s a fact. Is leaving everything behind easy? The short and long answer are both no. There’s nothing really keeping me to the east coast, it’s just all I know. I guess in the end that’s the funny thing is that it’s all I know and that bothers me to no end. How am I even supposed to judge other states if I’ve never had a chance to appreciate them like I have New Jersey and the Tri-State area?


Whatever happens is meant to happen. I firmly believe in living in the exact moment your in. It’s always good to set forward facing goals and motivations to keep you pushing forward but never ever ever forget about the present. It’s the moment your in after all that truly counts. Even though goals are set I don’t plan on letting that affect my current situation.

I just do.

If I over examined every situation and based it off my future I would be sulking over my desire for something more. 2015 was a very quiet year for myself, aside from traveling here and there I didn’t do as much as I would have liked. A majority of that reason was I was planning on moving and was so focused on that and my future that I neglected my present. In the end, all I accomplished was being in the same place for another year. That’s why I believe living in the moment is the best thing to do when planning a long term goal, this allows you to move freely with your thoughts and realize what you truly enjoy and how this will translate to the goal.

Just remember to enjoy whatever it is that you are currently doing. Things change, some may be positive, others not so much but in the end what you have is what’s in front of you and what’s in front of you is the present. Enjoy it and live in it.



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