Destiny E3 & Reveal Predictions

So last year during E3 2015 we saw Destiny: The Taken King. Along with getting TTK we received several Live Team updates throughout Year 2 of Destiny. I plan on covering what we got in year 2 and then go over not only my predictions for Rise of Iron but for Year 3 as a whole. Then I’ll revisit this post after the release of ROI and see what the final score is.

Lets go through a list of all that we received from The Taken King:

  • Raid
  • Strikes
  • Story Missions
  • Rift & Mayhem
  • New Sub Class
  • Emotes
  • Light Level
  • Ghost Shells
  • Swords?….SWORDS
  • Artifacts
  • Court of Oryx
  • Exotic Quest Lines
  • Three of Coins & Glass Needles
  • Challenge Mode Raid
  • Test Weapons
  • Cutscenes

Here’s the list of what we received from the Live Team:

  • Sparrow Racing (SRL)
  • Crimson Doubles Playlist
  • Weapon Chroma (Skins)
  • Armor Chroma
  • Challenge of Elders (PoE Y2)

Let me know in the comments below of I missed something!

Now onto Rise of Iron: PREDICTIONS

  • Raid
  • Story
  • Social Space
  • Ranked Crucible Playlist
  • Hammer? HAMMER
  • I don’t think characters will be bound to cloak, dishrag (titan) or Warlock bond
  • New Strikes
  • Shadders for weapons & armor
  • Subclass “upgrades”
  • A new Clan to join (IE: FWC, NM, DO)
  • Whole new questline (IE: Vanguard x Crucible)
  • MAYBE a wolf? Hopefully a wolf

My final prediction: Rise of Iron will cost $30.00 and Bungie at E3 will announce a second expansion slated for Q1 2017. Buy them both for $50.00. 

I think that Bungie will want to keep the Destiny hype train moving, therefore making this year a year of 2 expansions will get everyone well prepared for Destiny 2 (title pending) in 2017. Apparently people have already seen that the DL size of RoI is slightly smaller than TTK which is why my guess will be a $20 or so expansion will get announced for Q1 2017. TTK did a great job up until December then it lost all momentum come January and even though the April update has been pretty good it’s still not enough.

let me know in the comments below your prediction for E3 2016 and the reveal happening today at 1pm EST (same time this blog drops).


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