Destiny: Rise of Iron! Hype Train

Destiny: Rise of Iron, is the name of the next installment in the Destiny universe allegedly coming out September 20th 2016.

Slowly but surely little leaks have been cracking through the marketing pipes over at either Activision or Bungie. At first it was as a mistake but the deeper you dive into the situation the more it seems like a ellaborate marketing play to garner hype.

When E3 comes around there’s hundreds of games showed off and not every time will people be excited about what you have to offer. For Bungie, I think they understand that this is now the 3rd year in a row that they are essentially showing the same game just an updated version of enemies, encounters, missions and raids. I think they know however that for them to hit the spotlight they have to do it their own way and hop on their own hype train.

Destiny fans are some of the more rabid group of fans in gaming, the destiny reddit is one of the more fun gaming communites as well and even the Twitch directory remains strong as ever even during the spring time content drought. Bungie knows that the loyal fans will remain with the game, but how do they build hype around Rise of Iron for the casual? Pre E3 hype train of course, the slow “leaks” for Rise of Iron have been a steady drip of what Destiny players crave the most: New content.


What we have now is a date, June 9th at 1pm EST we will be shown the next reveal into the world of Destiny.

I like the concept of going to a new part of Earth this go around and specifically dealing with the Fallen. I know most people have been clamoring for a Cabal themed Raid, which I do agree, however I think Fallen works best for where we are currently. In Vanilla we defeated the Vex, Dark Below was the Hive, House of Wolves was the Fallen HOWEVER it was also the first bit of content to not have a Raid and even though Skolas was one of the cooler antigonist the House of Wolves was too shallow of a DLC for people to care. Beyond that in year 2 we fought the Taken and Hive, so when crunching the numbers yes the Cabal are without focus but so are the fallen.

The Fallen are a very interesting type of enemy as well. They are the first enemies any guardian has encountered in the world of Destiny. They have a leadership regime and structure to it. They also have had the Traveler’s light on their side until he jumped ship for Earth.

I also like the idea of exploring the Iron Lords and specifically giving light to Lord Saladin. Good ole Saladin has been with us since the beginning of our time in Destiny yet he only comes around once a month. Most guardians are familiar with the Iron lords, the Iron banner and some of the infamous battles they used to fight in the past (6 fronts & twilight gap). I think this is the perfect time to introduce more of a back story to Saladin and give other characters their time in the sun.

I’ll be sure to write a follow up to the reveal once it’s over.




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