Xbox Elite Controller Review!


*Disclaimer- For those who are unfamiliar with the formula that makes the Elite Controller great go to and see what they have to offer

The Xbox Elite controller is without a doubt the best controller I have ever used. The first thing you will initially recognize when you hold the controller is the build quality is second to none. It feels thick and durable without losing the light weight design of a standard Xbox One controller.

Unique: What sets the Elite controller apart from a standard Xbox controller at first glance? The Paddles. An Elite controller has paddles on the back that are completely customization in terms of how you want the buttons to be mapped to them. My best example for when to use this is during shooters you can map your jump button to a paddle thus allowing you to never take your hand off the right stick while jumping, reloading or any in game action.


Trigger Stops: Trigger stops allow your trigger pulls to be shortened by half the distance. Typically trigger stops have to be installed and then taken out when you don’t want to use them. However, the Xbox One has made trigger stops just a simple switch on the back of the controller.

Interchangeable: The joysticks and D-Pad on the controller are also completely customization. The Elite comes with several other joysticks as well as a circle pad that you can choose to use over your standard D-pad.

Overall: With a price point of $150 you may hesitate at the need or desire for a controller, but please don’t. Think of this rather as an investment. If you play any type of FPS style of game often this is a controller that you won’t ever regret purchasing. My only gripe with the controller is that it runs off batteries as opposed to being bluetooth.

This controller is worth the cost and should have you thinking twice about purchasing a standard controller. At the end of the day, if you are bothered by the paddles you can always take them all off. For myself, I have settings set up for Halo 5 (Only 1 paddle), Destiny (3 paddles), FIFA (0 paddles), ect.

Let me know in the comments below if you went out and purchased one of these controllers or if it’s something you’re interested in! en-INTL-L-XboxOne-Elite-Controller-HM3-00001-RM2-mnco


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