No Man’s Sky Review: Ugh


Okay, let’s get this one over with…No Man’s Sky is a space exploration game that does exactly what you would think it would do (as long as you didn’t obsessivley follow this game over the last two years and give into all the hype and erm…ummm…lies).

My initial impressions of the game are that it has a very Minecraft feel to it. I found myself early on staying up late mining gold and other materials saying to myself “just one more piece of gold” and then realizing that I did that for an extra two hours. The game does exploration very well and gives off that fear that minecraft did early on where you would be legitimately scared of the zombies when nighttime would come. My first planet in No Man’s Sky was a cold planet in which I had to find materials for my suit before I would die. A hyper jumps later I stumbled on a planet with mech’s that did not like when I’d take these purple orbs off the ground and I found myself in gun battles with them often. I actually had to leave the planet till I found a proper gun upgrade to go back and slay them out.

What No Man’s Sky looked like E3 2014

No Man’s Sky had a great hook for about the first 12 hours of gameplay than it became obvious that I was just going from planet to planet farming the same materials over and over. It’s a loop and it wasn’t like each planet ended up being drastically different. The gameplay loop of finding materials to sell for more money to buy a ship with more inventory slots to then collect more materials to sell for a bigger ship with more inventory slots to help get to the center of the universe became very shallow and bland.

The game also hurts itself with it’s price point. At $60 you would hope for more mechanics in the game that lead to you spending more time on a planets surface and exploring things like the caves, underwater and discovering more shelters, monoliths ect. For that to all happen something along the lines of base building is a must. Let me land on a planet and begin collecting materials that I can store in a chest on the planet. Let me use these materials to build a home or stores for aliens to visit. I love the exploration side but when I found that the mission objectives kept leading me to leave my current galaxy I found myself fighting against the game.

At it’s current state the game is a $20 indie title. With that being said I am HIGHLY optimistic that this game will improve and end up doing fairly well as long as the team at Hello Games keeps adding to the game and improving on it.

I still see this as a dumb downed version of Minecraft in space (which is a great thing) but I think it has a long way to go before it can truly be considered for purchase at $60.

For now I’d save that money for the games releasing this fall.

This video by the Angry Joe Show perfectly sums up No Man’s Sky.  HERE

Have you played No Man’s Sky? What did you think of the game? Feel free to comment below or follow me on Twitter @RealMattMills




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