Destiny: The calm before the storm

So as of writing this post we are approximately 5 days away.

5 long days from the next expansion in the Destiny universe. That one has to ask the question: “Can you die from too much hype?” The short answer is no. The long answer is, wellllll maybe.


When I explain to people my hype levels about this expansion and why they are so high it all starts with pre Taken King, right when Vanilla was wrapping up. I was THRILLED for the taken king. I mean who wouldn’t be, new content is awesome. The first year of Destiny had it’s flaws but the raids, trials of Osiris and some may say Prison of Elders (Along with the revamped leveling from House of Wolves) were the games saving grace. Unfortunately due to lack luster story telling and an obtrusive way to hit max rank/level up in general the Vanilla game was very rough.

So safe to say a few weeks out, even days before the Taken King I was cautiously optimistic. I wanted this game to be great. At the time though it wasn’t. I wasn’t prepared to tell friends “hey, you should get the Taken King.” I knew that they had lack luster experiences in Vanilla and that they wouldn’t be swayed on a new raid and some changes. We had to SEE them.

When the Taken King launched a few of my former raid teams came back to the game, while some just stayed away for the time being. The Taken King was an awesome experience which leads us to where we are with Rise of Iron days away. Rise of Iron is an expansion I can say with confidence to friends that for $30 you should definitely come back into Destiny.

Where with the Taken King days before I would say: I hope they have cut scenes, better quests, more chances at exotics, less bullet sponge bosses, and a less grindy way to level. With Rise of Iron I know they will have all that. I’m going into Rise of Iron as the conductor of this damn hype train.

9/20 is right around the corner, and Lord Saladin needs our help, Guardians. Are you ready to combat SIVA?



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