The Thrill of Lore in Destiny

The real beauty of Destiny the Game isn’t the tight mechanics, boss battles, RNGesus, or raids. It’s undoubtedly it’s lore. Destiny is a game that is hard to describe in a few sentences but once it has it’s hooks in you you become stuck.

Several things can cause it’s hooks to stick into you:

Drops: People love collecting things (weapons & armor) and destiny is full of it. Some people will strictly collect exotic armor pieces and weapons, whilst others will search for “god roll” weapons. The game really gets it’s hooks in you when you have an added purpose to keep playing.

That god roll doe

Raids: A raid is, to me, the most demanding task done in video games. They take more than just skill. Raids take patience, mental fortitude, team communication, and level. Raiding is as fun as it can be exhausting and it’s definitely one of if not the main reason players stick so long with Destiny.

Community: This is the game all your friends are playing.

Mechanics: Destiny is one of those games that just feels great. Aside from being only 30FPS the controls are super tight and it plays so crispy as an FPS. It’s one of those games that if I put down for a bit and come back to it feels so gratifying.

Those are just to list a few of the main reasons people love Destiny and why you may stick around but for me it’s all about the lore. Lore is the back story a game provides, so in Destiny’s case the lore is all in the grimore cards provided on

Grimore Cards

Lore is something that can keep you up at night theorizing about what is and what will be going on in the world of Destiny. So far we have 4 enemy races: Vex, Fallen, Cabal, and Hive. There’s lore based around all enemy types and each time we gain a new expansion the lore form the universe expands.

The lore behind Rise of Iron is definitely one I’m excited for. Rise of Iron follows up Oryx: the worm god. Rise of Iron finds a new plague attacking Earth and breaching the wall towards the last city. Saladin, leader of the Iron banner and the last remaining of the Iron Lords (sworn to protect this great city) is now asking for your help, guardian. Defend the last city from the Fallen infected by SIVA.

There’s so much depth from this lore and so many questions we’ll have. How did Saladin survive? Why is SIVA back? and How will this shape the Destiny univerise. With the Taken King we killed off the hive god Oryx so any new threat to the world or our homeland has to be a big one and it seems like Bungie pre RoI decided to do an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) to showcase how SIVA started and what’s happening to our guardians/the cosmodrome.

It’s such a cool approach by Bungie to do this and get us all hyped for this game. Now the Owl Sector stuff isn’t in the current grimore, I’m sure it will be once Rise of Iron releases (September 20th).

This post was used to just cover the BASICS of Destiny lore, if you would like me to go more indepth on certain lore hit me up on Twitter or in the comment section below.

Also check out: OwlSector.Bungie.Net to see what’s going on with the SIVA spread.



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  1. Anidaan says:

    When the game first game out that was the number one thing I found lacking was the lore or story. It felt incomplete or just mixmatched together. Hopefully they have improved upon it!


    1. Matt Mills says:

      They have! With the Taken King and Now Rise of Iron they are actually adding to the back story whilst creating new lore in the process. Vanilla Destiny was poor in executing what actually happened in the story. I went back and replayed the original campaign recently and it really is a jumbled mess compared to the game nowadays

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Anidaan says:

        That is good to hear, il get it back off the shelf sometime


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