Let’s Talk about the Nintendo Switch

Well, well well. The day finally came (10/20/16) where Nintendo FINALLY dropped the “NX” bomb on us and announced it’s new console.

The Switch is the name of the new console and the hype is now officially real my friends. Even though most of the Switch’s details were leaked in the summer by Euro gamer it’s still a breath of fresh air to finally see it.

Will Nintendo be back to it’s glory days with the Switch? I think this gives it it’s biggest chance to do so. Right now Nintendo is hitting the demographics in the sweet spot. Old school Nintendo gamers are now becoming parents and are at an age where they have disposable income while the tablet idea behind the console suits a younger generation of gamers.

Ain’t she a beauty

The Switch at first glance looks exactly like what the Wii U was intended to be. The tablet design looks similar to the Wii U game-pad, however, the Switch’s tablet looks more like a tablet than the Wii U’s did. The Switch is more portable and has detachable controllers on the side so you can actually carry it around as a tablet as opposed to the bulky game-pad from the Wii U

In the trailer that Nintendo showed we saw a few games:

  • New Mario
  • Breath of the Wild (Zelda)
  • NBA 2k17
  • Splatoon (new dlc?)
  • Mario Kart (Either 9 or 8’s dlc)

The trailer was well paced and shows off the possibilities with the Switch. Overall it’s an exciting time to be a Nintendo fan. My only questions left are as followed:

  • How will Online work
  • Please no more friend codes
  • Needs an Optical port + Ethernet port
  • External charger (Not just docking station)

All in all I expect this console to drop at a safe $300 price point. Coming in at $400 which would equal the PS4 Pro and potentially the Scorpio would be too high of an asking price for the Switch, while the $300 price point will allow it to sneak in at the same range as the standard PS4 and X1 while offering an all in one gaming solution.

Bless you Nintendo, don’t F this one up.


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