The Titanfall 2 Dilemma

Titanfall 2 is the most finely tuned shooter to come out in the year 2016.

In a year with juggernauts such as Overwatch, Call of Duty MWR, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Destiny Rise of Iron (I guess), Gears 4, and Battlefield One, Titanfall 2 stands high above the rest.

Since Overwatch, Destiny, Gears 4 and even MWR are a bit of a different beast in terms of FPS game play we will leave them out of the discussion and focus on the sandwich that is BF1 (Battlefield One), TF2 (Titanfall 2) and IW (Infinite Warfare).

*Side note: I plan on writing a more in-depth look into what makes Titanfall 2 so great and comparing it to Titanfall 1 in a later post

So within a span of 3 weeks we received Battlefield One (10/21), Titanfall 2 (10/28) and Infinite Warfare (11/4). 3 major triple A titles, 2 by EA (BF & TF) and one by Activision (IW). Now this should come as a shock but apparently Titanfall 2 isn’t doing so hot.

This shouldn’t come as a major shocker though seeing that EA sandwiched it right in between arguably IT’S biggest shooter (Battlefield) and Activision’s juggernaut in Call of Duty. Now lets take a moment to break down the logic:

This year EA came out with 2 shooters: Battlefield, a shooter that is “boots on the ground” and set during World War One…nothing futuristic about it. Titanfall 2, a shooter that is all about movement, you zip around maps wall running and double jumping. It’s a very vertical game that rewards fast game play.

Acitivision launched Infinite Warfare, a face paced “chain movement” (See Black ops 3 ) game that rewards players who can play with a little less “boots on the ground” and a little more versatility. Along with IW, Activision released a legacy edition of the game that came with Modern Warfare Remastered (the GOAT) of FPS games up there with OG DOOM, Quake, and Halo 2. CoD4 remastered is boots on the ground warfare, slow, steady, methodical. 

When you take all that info it looks like Infinite Warfare is giving Battlefield One it’s lane and going head to head with the game I believe is a better version of Call of Duty*. In doing so Call of Duty also decides to drop CoD4 to rival what you could get from Battlefield in terms of boots on the ground.

So EA looks at all this and decides its in their best interest of releasing their two biggest shooters one week apart from each other because they are so vastly different in terms of game play. Makes sense, right? Right. Except for the fact that Call of Duty for ~ the same price is offering a NEW Call of Duty which still carries weight with people AND arguably the greats CoD ever as a bundle. This is what crushed Titanfall.

If a Call of Duty player wanted to make the plunge into Battlefield One and still get Call of Duty why would they buy TF2 if it’s more similar to CoD. If anything they are giving players potentially to BF1 but then allowing them to skip TF2.

Now none of this would ever be an issue however if it wasn’t for those release dates. EA is essentially asking for $120.00 USD from consumers in 2 weeks for 2 time consuming, multiplayer shooters. On top of that Call of Duty (which is still bigger in sales than BF) is coming out in the same time period.

You have to wonder the logic. What consumer on top of the $120 for two EA properties is then going to drop another $60-$80 on Call of Duty as well. All within less than one months time on 3 games that all essentially provide the same thing.

I understand that the fall is the best time of the year to release a game but look at Titanfall, which came out in March of 2014. MARCH. Not the fall. It went on to sell really well and was an Xbox exclusive.

Titanfall 2 now released on the PS4, PC and Xbox One is now predicted by analysts to undersell from it’s predecessor and cut into the gains made from Battlefield One.

Why not release it in the spring. Why not release it away from your competitors biggest shooter and YOUR OWN, EA?

I’ve seen a lot of support for the game online and on social media, which is good. Titanfall 2 is a treasure of a game. It has the best hit detection of console FPS’ and does a fantastic job of taking combat truly ‘next gen.’ It’s a game that was sandwiched between two of the biggest shooters and the worst part is one of the pieces of bread was from it’s brother in arms, Battlefield.

Hopefully in the future a mistake like this won’t occur. Hopefully in the future we’ll get a Titanfall 3 and it won’t be doomed.

Until next time…..Stand by for Titanfall.

* I plan on having a post out about Halo 5 and Titanfall and how they are winning at making a next gen FPS


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