The best game of 2016.


There I said it. Titanfall 2 is the best game of 2016. Not only that, but it’s the best shooter we have on ‘next gen.’

Titanfall 2 a sequel to the Microsoft exclusive, Titanfall from 2014. While that game was great it did have a few flaws (cough cough….season pass). One of the main complaints of Titanfall was the lack of campaign and that is something that Titanfall 2 does in fact offer.

Titanfall 2’s campaign puts you in charge of rifleman Jack Cooper playing alongside his titan BT-7274.  Although the campaign is short it provides a decent story-line and a quality set up for the multiplayer for newer players.

The real meat of Titanfall 2 is obviously the fast moving and intuitive multiplayer, which provides players with the best hit detection on console to date. The game gives off an adrenaline rush feeling once you drop out of the plane and into the battlefield. This rush is something I haven’t felt since playing Halo 2 back in ’04.

Once you get the basic movement down and start chaining your wall runs and boosts together the combat becomes fluid and thought out. Kills feel satisfying and no gun is that “OP” compared to one another.

The real beauty of Titanfall 2 comes from the games ability to reward you for always moving. Instead of just camping a corner and waiting for enemies to walk by you, you are rewarded for getting kills on the run.

Each Titan and character ability offer a unique way to change up your play style. So whether you are running Ronin, a close ranged sword Titan, or Legion, a long ranged tank-esque Titan the game changes depending on who you pick.

Character abilities like cloak may play towards someones strength of sneaking around, while a player using the grapple may like to reach higher sections of the map faster to engage in combat.

My favorite part of Titanfall has to be the pace of a game. My favorite mode has been the classic attrition and I love the feel of it being a standard ‘Call of Duty’ type of game-play in the beginning of the game till someone gets around 7-8 kills the game opens up and becomes about Titans clashing in battle on larger ‘titan lanes.’

When we wondered how shooters were to evolve during this generation of consoles I could not be happier with how Titanfall 2 turned out. While I save my debate for Game of the Year 2016 to the month of December, I will end with this bit:

Titanfall 2 is the most fun I’ve had in an FPS multiplayer game in a good long time. The movement, gun-play, rank ups, and titans make this game a thing of beauty.

OH AND HOW COULD I FORGET. Titanfall 2’s DLC is ALL free. Free maps, guns, titans ect.

Prepare for Titanfall.

Leave a comment below if you want a more in-depth review of the game.


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