PSA: Can we stop announcing games too early?


Just the other day I read about Pokemon stars which is supposed to be the 3rd game in the Pokemon Sun & Moon line BUT….and here’s where the hype train comes rolling in, will be playable on the Switch. Now granted, this would be super cool but, it may not be true. Nintendo won’t confirm or deny reports (normal). However, the problem with this is that we are on the internet, and nobody hype trains harder than the internet. Now long before Nintendo announced the switch with no games, pricing, or product details lets take a look back at other significant games announced too early.

No Man’s Sky


As someone who fell victim to this hype train even though I saw it coming months prior I still crashed and burned with the rest of humanity. Now how can a game that went on to sell over 1million copies be considered a flop? Easy, it didn’t live up to the lofty expectations set forth by the internet AND in this games case, it’s creator, Sean Murray.

NMS had 2 full years of hype train build up behind it and when it launched it fell so hard that it’s subreddit may still be in a state of savagery. Sean Murray and the NMS team has gone on to not say ANYTHING about the game, updates, or really anything in general for almost ONE HUNDRED DAYS. Which is part asinine part impressive.

The moral of the story in this games case and the underlying theme of this post is to understand that this game had two years for fans to think of every possible glorious thought about what should be in a game and convince themselves that this game is ‘it’ it’s the one, like Neo in the matrix. Except it’s not.

Watch Dog’s


Watch Dog’s was first shown off at E3 2012 and was our first trip into what “next gen” means. In 2012 this was the coolest thing around, however come E3 2013 the excitement was semi muddled behind some delays for the game, then most notably when it was pushed out of the launch window and scheduled for an end of May release 2015.

This game was intended to be a GTA style of a game with the ability to hack everything. Most of the general public after hearing the games launch window was changing to May instead of during console released canceled their per-orders and moved away from the game. Even though the game went on to sell like gang busters first week it was out its reception was very poor through the media.

If this game launched alongside the Xbox One and the PS4 I think we would have heard more praise towards the game. People usually cut some slack to launch titles. Even though the game sold well it’s hype train was killed off by the delay, poor performances, and a weak reception. The game also suffered from fatigue because when you have to wait 2 years for a game you almost balloon up and think the skys the limit for the game. Once it comes out, you come crashing down.

The Switch


Now let me start this off by stating, you won’t meet a much bigger Nintendo fanboy than myself. Now with that said, I’m worried about the Switch. Like myself, there’s hundreds of thousands of Nintendo supporters that live and breathe off a quality Nintendo hype train. Year after year each Nintendo E3 presser apparently “leaks” and it looks like gods work, it looks like exactly the presser you would expect from Nintendo. However once it happens your usually disappointed.

You are NOT disappointed because the lineup was awful, you are disappointed because its not exactly what you expected. Expectations, especially with video games are what we all hype up and also act defeated towards if it doesn’t happen.

My expectations of the Switch are what they are, but these new posts about the system launching with a Mario title, Pokemon stars coming to it, Splatoon v2 and more have me overly excited for a console that we have literally only received one teaser trailer and now have to wait till January 12th to hear more. What Nintendo should have done was release the trailer, lineup and pricing early. Get it all out of the way now, don’t have me convincing myself it’s a $250 console with a bundle at $300 that includes the new Mario. Now I have to suffer through months of this hype only to eventually find out it’s $350 and there’s no new Mario during the launch window.

Fallout 4 was impressive as they announced E3 2015 and then shipped fall 2015. There was no hype, the game was already in front of you, you knew what to expect right when they told you. This is what needs to happen more.

We can’t keep releasing a teaser in 2016, trailer in 2017, gameplay in 2018 then release it that fall. It’s disappointing.

Fans, especially nowadays, become crazed towards a game that they love. I could site many more games that have been at fault from this. I just hope in the future more games take a year to market it and show a trailer, gameplay and release it.


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