So how’s Call of Duty Infinite Warfare doing?

So Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is now approaching it’s first full month since launch. Past Call of Duty’s have had success on Twitch in terms of viewership, so how’s IW doing?

Well, not so great. First, lets look at some Black Op’s 3 statistics over it’s 365 days on the market:

Black Ops 3 on Twitch

Now Black Ops 3 on this day last year had a peak of 29,000 viewers on a Sunday, with no major tournament during play.

Black Ops 3 over the course of it’s existence had an average viewer count on a given day between 10,000-20,000 (mostly tournaments) on a daily basis for it’s first 8 months.

Now to compare it to IW, I have taken screenshots several days post IW and MWR launch to see how these games numbers are:

Launch of the games: November 3rd 11pm

Now yes, if you combine these numbers it’s almost 40K viewers but watch as we leave the launch day:

November 7th
November 8th
November 9th

So as you can see from November 7th to the 9th there was only 1 day that IW was better than MWR but the more startling statistic is that neither of these titles made it on to the top 8 during peak hours of play. Destiny, a staple of the top 10 on Twitch was still beating both these games for the most part.

Fast forward a week later (see below) and you’ll see MWR making the top 12 most watched games but IW is nowhere to be found.

November 16

So now, almost two weeks after launch, is it still nostalgia carrying MWR? Or is it that IW just isn’t that appealing to watch?

Now what shocks me is fast forwarding to this past Sunday, IW peaked at around 4,000 viewers with MWR peaking around 3,000 viewers. MWR seems to be on a slight uptick but IW after it’s opening week has been on a downfall of viewers. Now obviously viewership isn’t everything, but for a game that is looking to thrive in eSports (which is a majority of the top 12 on Twitch) it’s horrifying to see numbers this low, ESPECIALLY considering that Black Ops 3 was pulling 20,000 on that same day last year.

I’m not saying that the franchise is dying, quite the contrary, but what I am saying is that as an eSport this is grim times. When Destiny, a game that has a strong community but is virtually out of content by this time each year is crushing your brand new game and your 9 year old mega hit in terms of viewership something is wrong.

Is it fatigue from the franchise? Is it really that people just want a new and improved boots on the ground game? I don’t have that answer right now but I plan on monitoring this situation throughout the games life cycle.

As of Nov. 29 2016

Call of Duty as an eSport is near and dear to my heart so I hope things can improve throughout this year but the viewership doesn’t lie, this is going to be a down year for Call of Duty in general.



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