Review: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is the newest game in the Dragon Ball universe and the second in the Xenoverse line.

The game takes place in a new city called Conton City, which is 7 times larger than Toki Toki City (Xenoverse 1). The game follows a similar story line to the first, in which you (create a character) are tasked with going through the Dragon Ball Z story line and “rewriting” it’s history from the villains as a Time Patroller working with Future Trunks.

CwIWdnAWcAAEbv5.jpg large.jpg
Statue in the background was my character from Xenoverse 1

All the usual Dragon Ball Z characters can be found in the game, with many featuring as instructors for your character in which you can learn their moves. The combat now clocks in at a buttery smooth 60FPS compared to X1 which ran at 30FPS. The combat in general is definitely an improvement on X1 but still has it’s moments with camera movement like in the first.

If you played Xenoverse 1 your in luck as your character can transfer over to Xenoverse 2 and you will actually fight alongside and against him at parts. You can also retain moves you learned in the first game as well as them resurrecting a statue of your character in the center of Conton City for the triumphs you accomplished in X1.

This game introduces the ability to go Super Sayain 3, become a giant namekian, and brings along SSG Goku, Gold Frieza and even touches on both new movie stories. The game hasn’t brought along any Dragon Ball Super stuff yet but I’m sure that will come in DLC.

X2 also introduces players to Dragon Ball’s version of a raid. Where you will team up with 5 other Time Patrollers and take on a challenging boss once a week for some pretty cool prizes. The first weeks raid was against Cell and it was pretty cool seeing all the other Time Patrollers flying around the mission zone trying to defeat the boss (see below).

Into the Raid we go!

All in all I think that Dragon Ball Xenoverse is well worth your money, as long as you are a fan of the Dragon Ball franchise. If you are not a fan of Dragon Ball then this might not be a game for you. This game leans heavily on the TV show and movies so you might not be drawn into the game the same way a fan would be.

As a fan of the Dragon Ball universe as a whole this game was pretty much everything I need in terms of a Dragon Ball game. Xenoverse 1 was fun but I lost a lot of interest in it and the steep leveling curve had me put the game down for a few months before finishing. Xenoverse 2 was a different story, constant quests, patrol quests, missions and instructors allowed you to maintain a high level the entire way through the story.

In the end, buy it if you are a fan of Dragon Ball. Pass on it if you do not like Dragon Ball.


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