ASTRO A40 TR: The best headset around

ASTRO gaming’s latest headset in its A40 line also took it’s biggest leap since debut and here’s why it’s the best.

ASTRO A40 TR with Mixamp Pro (Xbox One Edition)
The ASTRO A40 line of all the headsets offered by ASTRO is far and away my favorite. As someone who plays a majority of their games from a desk the wires aren’t a bother and the ability to customize speaker tags and have a mixamp located on the desk is a major plus.

The new ASTRO A40 TR’s continued the trend of impressive headset builds from sound quality, fit, feel and comfort that you look for in a headset but with a little added flavor. If you enjoy competitive games or want to be fully immersed in the experience ASTRO, this time around, offer a mod kit solution which gives you a pro mic, leather ear cups, thick speaker tags and a new bar atop the headset (see image below). What these do is they take your ASTRO’s and turn them ‘tournament ready’ so once you put them on they become fully sound proof allowing you to be fully immersed in what your playing.

One of the many A40 Mod kits available
Other than the mod kits the true power of the TR’s is the new mixamp. This new mixamp works as a sound card for your headset, allowing you to adjust audio levels between game sound, chat and the ability to change EQ settings right on the mixamp. Once plugged into a PC or Mac is where the real fun begins.

command center.jpg
Command Center Options
When you plug the new mixamp pro into a computer and download the ASTRO command center, allowing you to change all the settings available and fully adjust the headset to your liking. The command center is the meat of thenew A40’s and is something that should be stressed greatly.

Rick and Morty Speaker tags for A40’s
Another great thing about the A40’s is the ability to customize the speaker tags to your liking. Are you a fan of Rick & Morty? Well you can show your fandom and get these for your headset along with a plethora of others ranging from Halo, Call of Duty, local SF artists, the seventh letter, eSports franchises and more. You also have the ability to customize your own speaker tags to your liking.

The ASTRO A40 TR’s are a step in the right direction for ASTRO gaming and shows that there are still plenty of new additions in the headset department to keep iterating on. I’ve had the pleasure of using ASTRO’s since gen1 with the A40’s and they just keep improving year over year.

One issue standing in the way from purchase for a general consumer would most likely be the price point. At $249.99 USD I could see this being a steep entry point for a consumer, until they actually try them on that is. If gaming is something you are passionate about or do for long hours at a time this is hands down the best headset around. Plus not even mentioning before that they run on Dolby digital 7.1 full surround sound giving you the best audio quality on the market and especially from a headset.

*One final note: The A40’s come in white for Xbox and black for Playstation. Both headsets will work on PC but the white Xbox version will NOT work on Playstation and vice versa.

ASTRO Family.


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  1. Does the microphone have playback so one can hear their voice?


    1. Matt Mills says:

      Yes, you just have to go into the setting on PC to turn it on


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