Call of Duty MWR Update: Crash-mas is here + The Final 6 Maps

Activision has finally announced when Call of Duty MWR fans will be receiving the final 6 maps this holiday season. December 13th (Next Tuesday) you will get:

1. Bloc


2. Countdown


3. Pipeline


4. Showdown


5. Strike


6. Wet Work (Personal favorite, frag X3 FTW)


These iconic maps will complete the remaster, which originally came out with just 10 of the original 16 maps. This update also includes some tuning to Search & Destroy and the welcomed addition of fan favorites…Gun Game and Hardpoint.

Lastly, it seems that Raven Software has been listening to the fans and starting on December 20th and lasting for the remainder of the holiday season will be “Winter Crash” (see below).

‘Tis the season



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