Halo 5 Update: Monitors Bounty

Halo 5 has seen numerous FREE (Can’t believe I’m still typing that in caps) updates throughout the calendar year in 2016 and it’s latest, Monitors Bounty, is looking like it’s greatest one yet.

Lets go through with a rundown of some of the key highlights from this update:


  • Two New Canvases will be added: Depth, and Barrens.
  • Depth Takes Place Under Water
    • “Beneath the surfaces of a thousand seas, life rebuilds, reloads. Can you keep your cool while under extreme pressure?”
  • Barrens is a large desert-themed canvas with three unique lighting themes
    • All communications in this area are drowned out in an incessant babble of electronic noise and madness.
  • File Recovery Feature – Creates an auto save of your map when DC’d from the server – will be avaliable on Xbox One.
  • Scripting Tools For The Creation Of Custom Game Modes
  • Race, KOTH, and Battle Golf are three pre existing 343 gamemodes!
  • Will feature 650 new Forge Objects, for a total of 3800
  • New Filters: Heat Distortion, Bubbles, and Infected Flood Filters


RANKED – treated more sacredly and a high degree of scrutiny going forward.

  • Team Arena
  • Slayer
  • Doubles
  • Snipers
  • SWAT
  • Breakout
  • FFA


  • Team Skirmish
  • Action Sack
  • Infection
  • Big Team Battle
  • Triple Team
  • Super Fiesta
  • Shotty Snipers
  • Grifball

These are all permanent, removal depending on playlist population.

Action Sack

  • Battle Golf on Sandtrap Resort (NEW)
  • Crazy King on Blok Pit (NEW)
  • Diminishing Kings on Freight (NEW)
  • Ghost Race on Jungle Rush (NEW)
  • Rally Hog Race on Alpine Rally (NEW)
  • And The Old Game Modes

Observer Mode (Used for Competitive)

Observer mode allows any user in a Custom Game Lobby to enter the match as an observer, and watch the match in real time.

  • The HUD feutures Shields and Health, Weapon Sets, Power Ups, and Emblems.
  • Overlay supports up to eight players and two teams.
  • Joining as Observer

Req Gifting

Players will be able to Gift Purchased REQS to other players

  • Not applicable to RP Purchased REQs

Voice Packs

The Voices Of War REQ Pack is a Paid Only REQ Pack That Will Add Three New Multiplayer Announcers Into Arena and Warzone:

New Reqs


  • Complete REQ Sheet
  • Halo Reach M319 Grenade Launcher Will Return – Uncommon Level
    • Has one Variant – the Pro Pipe. Rare Level.
    • The Pro Pipe is “an improved Grenade Launcher with rounds that adjust trajectory after ricochets in order to maximize lethality.”
  • Two New Wasp Variants – The ONI and Hannibal Wasp.
  • Anti Air Wraith
  • Safeguard” Sentinel Beam
  • New Skins, Stances, and Assassinations.
  • New Forerunner Scope – The “Morph” Sight
    • “The Morph Sight has demonstrated enhanced acquisition speed against targets exhibiting Flood signatures”
  • Assassination “Inevitability” Preview
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Pose


All in all I’m excited for this Halo update to hit. Having Social Skirmish back as well as a plethora of mini games is welcomed with open arms.Hopefully this time around the social playlists will truly be ‘social’ and won’t have SBMM running behind the scenes ;).

On top of that adding in Observer mode for competitive will making watching Halo for general viewers a lot easier to follow. Lastly, I believe we are supposed to see some changes for Arena play dealing with the input lag and some buffs and nerfs for weapons but no word if that changed yet (pls).

This is what I was able to pull from the patch notes:


  • Improved melee strike registration reliability (“ghost melee“)
  • Fixed an issue with controller input delay (“heavy reticle“)
  • Fixed an issue where some weapons could be fired more quickly than intended


The Halo 5 Update is LIVE today, December 8th 2016. Enjoy



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