Assassins Creed Black Flag: A look back

I recently got back into the Assassins Creed series with AC Black Flag. I adored and played to completion AC1, AC2, Brotherhood, and revelations. However, by the time Assassins Creed 3 actually came out (mind out AC games were coming out yearly) I was burnt out having played a AC game for 4 years. I also didn’t feel for the character as much in 3 as I did with Ezio (AC2) and Altair (AC).

I watched the cinematic for 3 just so I could see how the trilogy ended and although I would like to one day go back and play it, I still plan on waiting till I can play it on Xbox One than go back to 360.

*Fun fact: AC3 was the first and only game I’ve ever preordered and just never picked up

When Black flag came out I had no interest in starting up another AC game, although I did hear it got gr


eat reviews. When Unity came out and was annihilated by games media for it’s buggy game play I started saying to myself “I think I made the right choice abandoning the franchise.”

It was only till Syndicate came out that I started to faintly become more interested in the franchise again. After getting great reviews and taking place in a setting: olden day London, that interested me I started thinking about diving back in.

A year after Syndicate and hearing that they weren’t releasing a new AC game in 2016 got me thinking now may be the time to get back into the franchise. I quickly picked up Black Flag and Unity (All bugs are now fixed), which according to Reddit is actually a really good game nowadays.

I have been in a mood for story driven games but have been itching for a bit of mindless combat that still feels familiar and Assassins Creed really scratches that itch.

Assassins Creed Black Flag is a game that really stands out to me, not because it’s the fourth installment in the AC universe but because it really is a pirate game that plays like an Assassins Creed game.

Black Flag does a fantastic job of implementing all the new-pirate like elements to the game play for the first 6-7 hours. Things like teaching you how to ride your ship, upgrade, fishing, whale hunting, deep sea diving ect. Then it spends the latter half bringing you back in with the true to form Assassins Creed gamplay we’ve known to love over the years.

Black Flag is a game that I came to for Assassins Creed gamplay but find myself wanting to spend more and more time as a pirate and upgrading my ship. The pirate aspect of the game is refreshing to say the least and adding in the traditional AC sizzle is a great combination.

Squad Deep

I haven’t finished Black Flag but I am enjoying it as much as I ever have another AC game and it even has me excited to start up Unity. The Caribbean is such a cool spot for Assassins Creed to go (Black Flag) but it now actually has me more excited to get back on land and into the heart of Paris in AC Unity.

I have always loved the concept behind Assassins Creed as a franchise and it seems (as of now) my 3 year hiatus from the franchise has done wonders for myself as I have seemed to fall in love with the series all over again.








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