All I want for Christmas is Dragon Ball Super Dubbed

Funimation, Toei, or whoever is dubbing this show and bringing it west, please do it before Christmas.

As a long running fan of the Dragon Ball series I was delighted when they started making Super, however I wanted to wait till the dubbed version. To put it blunt…it’s now been well over a year and several arcs later I’m we are still waiting here in the states.

Just this week they announced the cast list to the public and Chris Sabat (Voice of Vegeta) showed off a minute long clip from the first episode of Super.

I understand dubbing takes a bit of time and as of now we do not know how they plan on releasing them (Blu Ray pls) but all I know is I can’t wait much longer.

Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about Super and the elongated dubbing process.

See below for a list of the cast as well as that teaser clip.


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