EPL: Arsenal 3 Stoke 1


Arsenal stay sizzling as they beat Stoke 3-1 at the Emirates. Mark Hughes is now 0-10 all time at the Emirates.

This one started off cracking, both teams attacking very well early on. Unfortunately Stoke, in the 29′ were awarded a penalty, Granit Xhaka elbow dropped Joe Allen at the edge of the box. Fair penalty in my opinion, luckily no card for Xhaka. Charlie Adams steps up and scores from the spot, Cech now 0-7 on pens for Arsenal.

Unfortunately for Arsenal Mustafi went off injured in the 25′ but was replaced by Bellerin (great to have him back). Ballerin was the man with the assist when Walcott equalized in the 42′ minute.

It didn’t take Arsenal long to take the lead, in the 49′ minute Oxlade-Chamberlin sends a ball over the top to Mesut Ozil who heads, yes heads, in the finish to make it 2-1 Arsenal.

Arsenal than sat on the cruise control button for a bit before Alex Iwobi made it 3-1 in the 75′.


The 3-1 victory for Arsenal takes us top of the premier league till at least tomorrow. A good run of form these last few matches is needed as we go into the Christmas period. Hopefully the hamstring injury Mustafi picked up isn’t that serious.

P.S With Theo Walcott’s 10th goal before Christmas his wife is now awarding him a coffee maker.¬†Lucky guy.



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