Call of Duty Remastered: Patch Notes

So here it is…or was, depending on when you are reading this.

Either way, the Call of Duty MWR patch is now live on both PS4 and Xbox One. On Xbox the patch is 27gb whilst on PlayStation, depending on the region, could be anywhere from 8gb to 16gb.

in this patch, as talked about last week includes the remaining 6 maps:

  • Bloc
  • Showdown
  • Pipeline
  • Countdown
  • Wet Work
  • Strike

Winter Crash (See below) will also come in this update but won’t go live until December 20th and will include a Winter Crash 24/7 playlist.

Oohhhhh, ahhhhh

Fan favorite game modes Hardpoint and Gun Game will make their introduction as well into this update.


Lets get into the important stuff, the controversial stuff, the sauce.

Reverse Santa. Instead of giving gifts he’ll just take alllll your money

Doesn’t this asshole look familiar? Looks like the black market guy from Black Ops 3, right? Well, that’s because he pretty much fills the same role. Infinite Warfare has also introduced a character like this guy as well who salvages parts and builds you OP guns to drop nukes with…..I’m not kidding.

So basically now we have supply drops in CoD MWR (yay?). Now as of now everything is cosmetic, however, this is Activision and well, you know how this works.

Dolla dolla bills ya’ll

Not to get to far off track but basically items available through Supply Drops are primarily cosmetic, including:

  • Calling Cards
  • Reticles
  • Emblems
  • Weapon Camos
  • Combat Uniforms
  • Characters

Now this has a lot of fans of the game scared that we are going to run into a Black Ops 3 situation where you bought the game (and DLC) and didn’t get any guns included. In Black Ops 3 you literally had to pray to RNGesus (RNG) to get a specific new gun that would be added to the game or PAY (Good ole Pay to Win Strat, yo) hard earned cash$$$$$$ for “CoD points” and buy supply drops till your eyes bleed for you to have a chance at getting a weapon.

All down hill from here

Now we all know this is well documented in Black Ops 3 and even Infinite Warfare so it’s just the structure Call of Duty is going in. However, CoD MWR is a lot of peoples “baby” in terms of nostalgia and playing the game and I think they never anticipated that Acitivision would ever do such a thing as bring CoD points and supply drops to MWR.

I personally don’t have an issue with it. As I have said before, this is Activision, this is what they do, get used to it…complaining doesn’t stop them. Clearly, they do not care. They are however touching a fine line at the moment. Call of Duty sold poorly….about 50% worse than the previous year. Consumers are not happy with Infinite Warfare and it seems like since this patch dropped the community isn’t too happy with supply drops in MWR.

If they stay cosmetic, just like they are now, then great, no worries. IF THEY ADD IN WEAPONS THROUGH RNG TO THE GAME HOWEVER…..WE WILL RIOT.

Weapon Kits….whatever the fuck that means

We….meaning I…. will not riot but I will be disappointed…..but not surprised.

At the end of the day this patch was great. In CoD MWR you now have the 6 remaining maps and a few cool skins to toy around with. Leave it at that.

Also add collateral’s with snipers into the game for god sake.


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