Halo: Team EnVyUs wins HCS Season 2 Championship

Team EnVyUs has won the HCS Pro League Season 2 over OpTic Gaming in one of the more thrilling finals of the 2016 season. The match itself, had over 40,000 people tuning in to watch EnVyUs defeat OpTic in back to back Best of 7 matches.

EnVyUs not only managed to hand OpTic it’s first series loss in over 9 months but their first time placing second at an event since X-Games Aspen in January.

The first series was won pretty handily by nV 4-2 as they had to win 2 best of 7’s in order to be crowned champions. nV lost the winners bracket match between the 2 teams 4-0 so it was imperative that they came out hot in the finals.

After the first series the second was much closer as these two juggernauts traded blows game after game before OpTic forced a game 7, slayer on truth. For those who are unfamiliar with Halo but familiar with Call of Duty, slayer is Halo’s S&D. Slayer is Halo’s bread and butter and one of the craziest game types to watch, especially when it comes up as the decider for a title.

nV secured the slayer and won the series 4-3. This is also the first time that Huke has defeated an OpTic team after losing in the finals to them several times when he was a Call of Duty pro during Advanced Warfare then switching over to Halo last year.

Some new changes were also announced at the event which I plan on going over at a later date for the 2017 HCS season–Spoiler, it looks to be awesome (Yay crowd funding).

40K viewers, a new champ, new rule sets, prize money, the future of Halo looks bright and I can’t wait to cover the HCS in 2017.

*Disclosure: I’m an OpTic supporter, as a fan this was as nervy as I’ve been watching a halo match in years. As a fan of Halo this event was unbelievable and I’m happy for both EnVyUs and the entire Halo scene……still #GREENWALL

*Second Disclosure: Expect a TON of Halo related eSports posts in the future, as I bring the blog back from the dead one of my main goals is to cover eSports. Halo is my bread and butter, it’s the eSport I’ve been a fan of for about a decade now and the one that means the most to me. I will still cover CS, CoD (ugh), and potentially Overwatch and Gears of War along the way but expect a ton of Halo stuff.


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