Super Mario Run: First Impressions!

*Disclaimer: This was written by someone who actively plays games. Mobile games fit under a different umbrella. If you go into this game, as  a gamer, expecting it to be as deep as other Mario games you should remember this is made for a mobile audience. This game is intended for people who aren’t considered “console gamers.”

Here it is. It’s finally happened.

Super Mario Run has landed on iOS devices as of 1pm EST today (12/15/16). Click here to download the app. Also, the app is Free+. Yes, that’s free PLUS. You can pay an additional $10 to permanently unlock all stages, 20 Todd tickets, and 3,000 coins.

So lets get into the impressions. Super Mario Run is a runner in which you tap the screen to make Mario jump and essentially just play through shorter version levels of the classic Super Mario games.

Surreal seeing Mario on mobile

One thing I didn’t expect with this game was the massive smile it put on my face when I first heard the Mario tunes and Mario’s voice play through my iPhone. This was sort of a surreal experience as someone who grew up on the franchise (and despises mobile gaming) that a mobile game actually proceeded to grab me (Hearthstone doesn’t count).

World Selector

The best way to describe Super Mario Run is that it’s not a Nintendo game on mobile, it’s a mobile game by Nintendo. Nintendo has come out and stated this much but their point could not have been more clear. The game has stages (see below) that I assume you unlock as you go through and will eventually need pink coins to unlock further stages. Now I say ‘assume’ because I went out and just flat out purchased it all for $9.99, you’re welcome Nintendo.

How could I not?

The name of the game in Mario is the same it’s been for 30 years, collect coins and save Princess Peach….yes, once again Peach has been stolen by Bowser and it’s up to you, Mario, to save the princess.

The game is fun, it’s Mario on mobile and that statement cannot be said enough. What more would you want? There’s also playable characters like Toad, Luigi, Yoshi, and Peach.

Toad in action
Character selector

Aside from doing the standard Mario game-play there’s an option to play Toad Rally, in which you compete against the style of other players and win tickets. In Toad Rally, Toadette will judge who the winner is based on how many coins you collect and how many Toads came by to cheer for you. When you win you will gain more Toads, gaining Toads will then allow you to build up your Kingdom.

Oh Kingdom, My Kingdom

The Kingdom is the end goal, this is the reason you play the game. This is it’s way it’ll sink it’s claws into you. You will play the World Tour to get Toad Rally tickets and race against Toads to get Toads to help build up your Kingdom back to it’s dominance.


So the hitch that keeps you going for more and essentially the replay value in the main game is through the pink, purple and black coins. This basically allows you to replay each level 3 times over trying at first to get 5 pink coins in one run, 5 purple, then 5 black coins in a run.

My first impressions are pretty simple….it’s fun. It’s cool, it’s just very shallow and I’m not sure there’s $10 worth of content in here. I would however recommend that you do download the game and give it a shot yourself.

The base game is free and it plays fairly fun. The jumping can sometimes be counter intuitive and it gets frustrating not being able to go backwards but hey, it’s Mario on mobile. M A R I O on M O B I L E.


Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think of the game early on! I have no plans on reviewing the game at this point in time, but analysts are predicting it to make roughly $80 mil in the first month. I’m sure more posts about this game will occur.

This legend is actually on smart phones now














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