Why Crash Bandicoot Matters

Crash Bandicoot MAY be more relevant today than he ever was. Let that statement sink in for a moment.

Crash was supposed to be Sony’s answer to Mario for Nintendo. Crash was a goofy looking character but he had a bit of charm and sharpness about him not seen by Mario and at the time as an older kid in the 90’s he was often looked at as cooler compared to “kiddie” Nintendo. Crash had 4 (Crash Bash was a GOOD game, haters) great games in the series all produced by Naughty Dog including Crash Team Racing, which some say rivaled Mario Kart as the best racer.

Crash appealed to older teens in the 90’s and early 00’s but after Naughty Dog sold the rights to crash to Activision the franchise was never the same. Activision went on to make 1 Crash game per year for the better part of a decade, all of which for better or worse sucked.

Crash becoming relevant now is unsurprising to say the least. Nostalgia, especially from 90’s things is massive right now. People like myself who grew up in the 90’s are now old enough where we are tier 1 consumers and especially in games, nostalgia plays a big part.

With the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy, Sony is trying to gauge what the interest level may be for a new Crash game to come out. They saw how well bringing back Ratchet and Clank did (game wise…the movie bombed) and are looking into more ways to tap into consumer nostalgia. Really there is no better character to go after than Crash.

Crash, as stated before, went from Sony mascot, to bell of the ball, to joke of the town, to a nobody. Once fans ~2012 started clamoring for a trilogy or Naughty Dog (never would happen) to get back into Crash you knew something was coming.

Updating the graphics and improving the UI of the original 3 Crash games and bringing them back is a strong first step of seeing where Crash goes next. If these games do well, expect a new game. If they bomb, at least we got the trilogy.


Crash is still a beloved Sony character and it was really positive at this years PSX to show some love. I wish we had a solid release date but knowing this game will come out in 2017 is still awesome. Crash may matter more now than ever thanks to nostalgia and I hope that this game ends up just as well received as the original 3 were.








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