eSports Weekend Recap: Dec 16-18

Let’s start Monday off with an eSports report!

The eSports report is going to be a Monday newsletter in which I’m going to highlight the past weekend in eSports. I will single out certain games when it’s appropriate.

Virtus Pro sign their CS:Go team to an unprecedented 4 year contract. The longest in eSports history.


The Virtus Pro squad has been playing together for the last 2 years and now they will be competing together for the next 4 years. This is both great for the players and eSports in general. VP is one of, if not the best team in CS right now and they sure do deserve the contract. It’s great for eSports because it shows longevity and even though, as die hard supporters we know the game will be around that long but for casual fans it shows commitment from organizations towards the eSport.

The 16 teams for the ELeague major are set for Counter Strike

Hellraisers was the last team to qualify under TBD

The 16 teams are…Astralis, Flipsid3, Fnatic, Gambit, Na’Vi, SK, Liquid, VP, Godsent, FaZe, OpTic, Dig, Mouse, EnVy, G2 and Hellraisers. The notable teams that didn’t make it are NIP, Cloud 9 and Immortals.

The Major will take place Jan 22 and teams will compete for a million dollars in prize money.


Rise Nation wins MLG Las Vegas: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare


Rise beat Cloud 9 3-2 in a crazy finals. In an event that saw nV and OpTic both place outside the top 4 and FaZe finish third it was quality to finally see some change at the top for CoD. Unfortunately though this was streamed on YouTube Gaming and MLG so no Twitch audience may have hurt viewership for a surprisingly decent tournament. I’m still not sold on the game but from a viewers perspective it was decent. GG’s to Rise.

Team EnVyUs won MLG Vegas: Overwatch

C0AI4VqUsAALtpP.jpg large.jpg

In dominating fashion, Team nV, the best Overwatch team in the world beat FaZe Clan 4-0 in the grand finals of this $40,000 tournament.

OpTic Gaming win 3rd title in 3 events: Gears of War 4


OpTic Gaming secured their 3rd straight GoW title of the young season defeated Team EnVyUs 2-0.

That will wrap of this weekend in eSports, with next weekend being Christmas and the following new years, this series may be put on hold…we’ll see.


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