Don’t Ever Buy A Sweater From Holiday Fury

Holiday Fury, better known as “the worlds best ugly Christmas sweaters” is an absolute scam. They claim to have the best sweaters around, which is what makes them attractive in the first place, but make no mistake you won’t be receiving your sweater until well after the holiday season is over.

Now for a company that has the word holiday in their name you would think they make sure they are properly ready and are prepared to ship sweaters on time to customers…seeing as this is the only time of the year the business is useful. Noo unfortunately they do not care.

I still have yet to receive a confirmation number from the company. The only reason I know my order has even been received is through my bank statements. Now the sad part is that this company is an Amazon Affiliate so one would assume they are trusting when in fact it’s all a scam.

The response I got

When I was curious as to why I never got a confirmation email this was their response.

Now this is when things get interesting. Here’s my next conversation with them:


I was puzzled by the response because it seems like a cookie cutter way of ignoring my question and just responding to me like I’m an idiot so I did some digging. Here is screen shot of a post from 2015 on [LINK]


Here, have a few more shit reviews from Trustpilot:




Now obviously I’m the idiot who didn’t look this stuff up before hand but seeing as they were an Amazon Affiliate I felt I could trust them. I have reached out to some contacts at Amazon to have them removed from the affiliate program seeing as they are a scam.

The reason for this post is to warn all of you….DO NOT ORDER FROM HOLIDAY FURY. I ordered my sweater on 11/25 and still have yet to receive it. Don’t fall for this one.



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