Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC 1


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s first (Paid & Free) DLC packs are out now.

On the paid side of things you will be getting two new playable characters in Cabba and Frost. You’ll get 3 new Parallel Quests, the first two will allow players to unlock Champa’s clothes and Cabba’s clothes. *Disclaimer: Frost and Cabba are both from Dragon Ball Super, if you have never watched Super you won’t know these characters.

The last part of DLC (paid) pack 1 is Hit as a mentor. Now like Cabba and Frost, Hit is a character from Dragon Ball Super.

I was a bit underwhelmed on the paid side of the DLC, partially because it’s all related around Dragon Ball Super and some of us in the states are still waiting on a fully dubbed version of the show to release. I personally don’t know any of these characters so I don’t have the attachment to them like I do the games story.

My other issue with it is there’s no new story content. This could just be an issue on my end but as much as I love the game, I don’t feel like replaying PQ (parallel quests) over and over and I’m not the type to do 1v1 online battles all the time. When paying money I was expecting a bit of new story content.

Now onto the FREE DLC, and sort of the reason the paid felt so underwhelming.

The free DLC will feature 5 new mentors, which includes Android 16, Bardock, Cooler (final form), Whis, and Future Gohan.

For me, this is more content than the paid. On top of the 5 new mentors there’s going to be a Frieza event going on but no info on when it will drop has been released.

You can pick up this new DLC for $9.99 or buy the season pass for $29.99. I would suggest waiting on the season pass or DLC pack 1 (Unless you love DB Super). Hopefully we’ll get some story in the next one.




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