EPL: Arsenal 3 Bournemouth 3

FFS. This match took about 5 years off my life.

Look, lets cut allllll the bullshit out of yesterdays performance and title this what it is: Olivier Giroud: A symbol for Mediocrity.

Arsenal were down 2 nil going into half time after a disastrous first half. Mistakes from Bellerin and Xhaka led to the goals in the 16th and 21st (pen) respectively.

The Gunners came out sharper in the second and aside from Fraser’s strike in the 58th looked like they could bring this one back.

Arsenal continued to press and Alexis brought it back with a goal as Lucas followed up just 6 minutes later to bring the scoreline to a respectable 3-2 as the impossible began to seem possible.

Arsenal continued to press as Giroud headed in the match tying goal in the 90th +2. Giroud then proceeded to celebrate as if he scored the match winner OR as if he was a Bournemouth player playing against Arsenal.

Giro’s celebration symbolizes not only him as a player but him still playing with the mindset of the Arsenal team he first came into early on. The way Alexis reacted post match but more specifically as Giroud was celebrating is the way a title challenging team/player should act.

Alexis, telling everyone to get back saw Giroud celebrating and ran over to bring him back but Giroud continued to celebrate. Honestly it’s embarrassing. You don’t celebrate a draw….you especially don’t celebrate a draw away to Bournemouth.

Now don’t take this as a Bournemouth bash piece because I do think they are a good side, however we are the Arsenal. We are ‘supposed’ to be challenging for titles year in and year out in all competitions. You don’t see other big teams doing this.

This is where the Giroud being the symbol for mediocre Arsenal comes into play. When Giroud first joined the club we would celebrate 4th place as if we just won the league. We had financial concerns and smaller wage bills than other top teams. Now we are supposed to be back in form and elite. We are supposed to move on from winning back to back FA cups to then go and grab a league title or a champions league, yet here we are. 8 points back from the leaders Chelsea whilst they have a game at hand, looking once again as the fight for 4th place continues.

When pundits come out and say you can’t win the league with Giroud this is the type of shit they are talking about. I’m not saying we would have gone and won it at the death but why not try, why settle for mediocrity like that.

Giroud as your top striker will get you about 15-20 goals a season but he brings nothing dynamic to the table. This season when we were looking at our peak, Giroud was nowhere to be found. I get it that 2 days ago he scored a worldie and a week prior scored the match winner at the death but FFS you can’t tell me your excited by this lineup. Alexis up top is a world class forward playing in a game changing position.

Giroud is a quality forward but is also well and truly the symbol for mediocre Arsenal football.

Rant over. See ya Saturday for Preston North End in the FA Cup.

#FreeLucas – #StartLucas



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