2016 Game of the Year: How it will work

So I know everyone is wondering “Hey Matt, we are now 5 days into 2016 and you have yet to announce your game of the year 2016.” I get it, I get it, and it’s coming….I just didn’t want to throw out a blog post describing why ____ would be my GOTY (game of the year). I wanted to acknowledge other games as well as the top dog.

I have decided that I will split this year into 5 categories across the board:

  • Game of the Year
  • Most Surprising Game
  • Multiplayer Game
  • eSport of the Year
  • Handheld Game

It’s difficult for me to go with the standard order of GOTY, Xbox GOTY, PS GOTY, Nintendo, ect ect. Partially because I don’t have time to play every great game across all consoles and PC, but also because I’d rather my time be spent heavily discussing the things I’m most familiar with….eSports, Games, and multiplayer games. I debated on doing an FPS of the year but that wouldn’t be fair to other genres. Yes, we’re doing a HANDHELD category because the 3DS is still top top quality and I have a huge beef with mobile gaming.

Starting tomorrow 1/7/17 till 1/11/17 I will release a post each day outlining the winners and mention a few runner ups. The schedule is as followed:

  • Most Surprising Game of 2016: 1/11/17
  • Multiplayer Game of 2016: 1/12/17
  • eSport of the Year: 1/13/17
  • Handheld Game of the Year: 1/14/17
  • Game of the Year 2016: 1/15/17

Hope you all had a good holiday and a happy new year!


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