Adidas Sponsors eSports Team Vitality Gaming


What a way, what a way, what a way to start the week! It was announced today that Adidas (no sign of an Adidas Gaming yet) is signing a sponsorship deal with French eSports organization Vitality.

As far as I know this is the first time Adidas has stepped into the eSports realm but I believe this is massive news. Jerseys (kits) in eSports are what these players where on ‘game days’ so to speak but when they are streaming, taking photos, ect. they are wearing street wear or team apparel. Vitality now having the Adidas logo on their apparel will not only be huge for them but an opening for Adidas to corner the eSports market from here on out.

Adidas has been one of the hottest brands over the last few years and the way they market their products has been second to none. eSports, like Adidas, has also been on fire and is one of the fastest growing industries over the last few years. Hopefully both can continue to trend and help one another out.

Vitality has been a major eSports organization in the french scene for years….with teams in Overwatch, League of Legends and Call of Duty.

Great deal for both parties.














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