The Nintendo Switch will be officially unrelieved on Thursday, January 12th at 11pm EST. My body is ready.

Now during this reveal we will find out a whole lot, how much will it cost, what the launch lineup looks like, what the release date is, ect ect.

While I plan on posting all the specs and prominent information when it’s released, here are my predictions for what we will find out on Thursday night.

  1. The Nintendo Switch will have 2 sku’s one at $250 and one at $300. The later will have more memory and a bonus game (Mario Kart 8 is my guess).
  2. The Switch will release on March 10th
  3. Zelda Breath of the Wild will be announced with a March 10th release as well
  4. The Switch will come with an updated version of either Splatoon or Smash 4
  5. A new Mario game will be shown off and will release with the Switch. We all will then proceed to lose our collective minds.
  6. Nintendo will talk about dropping Friend Codes in favor of a standard user name set up (Like what Xbox has been doing since 2004)
  7. The Switch will have trophy/achievement like features
  8. The battery Life of the Switch away from dock will be ~5 hours
  9. The Switch will have SD memory and the cards will work similar to that of the gamecube
  10. New Sonic Game will be revealed as a Switch exclusive. Skyrim and 2 other 3rd party games will be released almost like what the Wii U offered at it’s launch with Mass Effect and Batman
  11. Rayman Rabbids will do something for the Switch for launch
  12. Switch will launch with a fully stocked virtual console from Gamecube down to NES.
  13. The home dock will work as intended. Upgrading graphics from 720 to 1080 and will improve -slightly- on performance
  14. You’ll have the ability to save to the SD card of your choosing or leave the save on the card it comes with (no discs, duh)
  15. Lastly, this is my bold prediction, Nintendo will begin to charge for online services- $30-$40 a year and will include some nintendos reward stuff. They will have dedicated party chats and messaging. There will be a Switch app for mobile at launch and ALTHOUGH THIS IS ALL WISHFUL THINKING I PRAY THAT THEY GET THE WHOLE INTERNET THING DOWN.

Pls Nintendo.

Thursday at 11PM can’t come soon enough!









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